Nutrition for triathletes

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General Nutrition

The diet should consist primarily of fruits, vegetables and lean meats. The vanity of the past 20-30 years was a high carbohydrate diet for endurance athletes. The problem is a high carbohydrate diet, which leads to metabolic inefficiency. A high carbohydrate diet increases your blood sugar levels and when your blood sugar level is high, fat oxidation ceases. So your body burns stored carbohydrates instead of stored fat. Its internal carbohydrate stores contain 1400-2000 calories, and even the very lean ones contain 80,000+ calories. So shorten your carbohydrate = burn more fat.

• Fruits and vegetables should account for at least 50% of the daily diet.

• Protein – You should try to consume 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein / kg body weight.

• Hydration: 0.07-10.0 ounces / body weight every 4 hours


You should try 1-3 hours to eat. before training. If you eat me within an hour, you risk your blood glucose fluctuation, which is the G.I. fighting, bite, punch, punch on the wall during exercise


If your workout does not exceed 2 hours, your diet should not worry about training. The organization must have enough reserves to hold at least 2 hours. Hydration – If you exercise for 45 minutes or less, hydration is fine but not necessary. If you plan to practice more than 45 minutes, you should consume 1 oz. 15-minute training from the start of training


The most important part of nutrition supplement is after training. Studies have shown that your body is most susceptible to food intake after 30 minutes of exercise. This is the time when your body is most likely to try to correct injured muscles from your workout. Some 4: 1-5: 1 carbohydrate: protein intake / eat. Find something with branches with chained amino acids. The term "amino acids is the building blocks of life" means that here it is valid, muscles need to be built up. Also snack and rehydrate = the time you spent exercising. Hydration: You should consume 24 oz for every pound of body weight lost during exercise.

With the right nutrition plan, athletes need to pay attention to their energy gain during exercise and a shortened recovery time after training. Quality workouts should strive for faster times and better races. Continue the right meal and training.

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