Nutrition for the mind and body

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The definition of nutrition is "for life, health and growth". Most people find this important for the body and just think they ensure that they consume the right vitamins and minerals to keep their bodies. However, nutrition is extremely important for the mind.
People are wandering around the cliches, but there are no fairer words than "You are what we eat."

Unfortunately, these days it is very difficult to know what you are eating.

While technology has dramatically helped increase the production of various foods, it has introduced growth hormones into chicken and beef and plant protection products for fresh fruits and vegetables. It is difficult for an average individual to make sure that they only consume "natural" foods if they really want to.

While unhealthy food additives are of course a cause for concern and what you need to discuss with your nutrition therapist, there is greater concern that people are not "healthy" at all.

Many people eat too much for their activity

Let it be obvious. Most people eat too much of their daily activity (and their type of metabolism). Those who consume more calories than they use will gain weight, and if they get more than 5 pounds above their optimal weight, this is not healthy. (It is not healthy to have 5 pounds or more of what a person should be ideal based on their height and skeletal type). The boned, moderately boned and heavy boned people are of the same height that have different optimum weights and body weight.

Why Does Man Eat Too Much?

Over-consumption is caused by a number of factors.

Many people eat every time they are always hungry. They never realize the reason they are still hungry because the foods they eat are causing hunger and hunger! (Why can no one eat "just a potato chips? There is a physiological reason why this is so.)

Other people eat because they are bored or because they need emotionally embarrassed and need food.

Many People Eat Unhealthy Foods

I am not talking here about unhealthy hormones and pesticide residues that we eat with chicken or steak and vegetable bowl.

People consume too much candy and soda pop. They consume refined sugars. Both "good" and "bad" carbohydrates are consumed. (We all need carbohydrates in our diet. It only consumes a kind of carbohydrate.)

Mind and body nutrition is a relatively new concept. Obviously, nutritionists have been around for decades, but the relationship between poor nutrition and brain response has only been revealed in the last decade.

The brain also needs nutrition

The brain really needs a variety of nutrition, food, "life, health and growth" care. There are two types of food – mental stimulation such as reading books, crossword puzzles, scratching or playing cards – activities that keep the mind in mind.

But the vigilance and general health of the mind can also be influenced by the day we eat daily.

An example of this is caffeine. How many people feel slowly in the morning before the first cup of coffee? How many people feel nervous and unable to sleep because they drink too much caffeine?

Another case … sugar. How many kids can't sit at school because they have a bowl of sugar-decorated cereals that give them physical energy to burn?

The relationship between nutrition and the work of our mind is inevitable.

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