Nutrition for the barrel of a horse

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Nutrition is very important when it comes to barrel horses. They should not be fed them the same way as a horse that runs in the pasture and rides a few times a month. The barrel horses are athletes and they need the proper nutrition.


Horses should be made of grass in the form of grass or hay. Some horses may need both when grass or grass has low nutritional value. Hardness has to shape most of the horse's food. Nutrition is the second, and diet balance must be used. The best way to determine which horse is to have a blood test carried out by the veterinarian once a year to see that the horse is in any way incomplete. Testing hay is also a good way to know exactly what your hunting is. Take a sample of hay in an agricultural branch office and you can usually test for free. It lists all the properties and nutritional value of the hay. Take the vet's blood tests here and determine what kind of feed and supplements you need.

High-quality grass hay is the best hay used for most horse's meals. Alfalfa can be fed but much higher in protein and can not be fed in large quantities than grass grass. One or two pieces of alfalfa hay can be added daily as three or four flakes. If you decide to cover the straw of alfalfa with grass hay, you will not need so much grain. Additionally, if your feed has a lower percentage feed than 10%, then the alfalfa can be fed to balance the barrel required.


Feed is part of a barrel of horse fuel and quality hay. The barrel horses walk a lot and need their energy and endurance when on the road and at home. The 10% to 12% protein content is good for the mature barrel horse, but not enough for the futurity barrel horse. Younger horses need a higher percentage, such as 14% to 16%. This does not mean that you need other feed, but the percentage should be achieved by using other natural resources such as alfalfa. Always follow the nutrition suggestions on your bag to see how much the horse is to be fed. Feed must be fed by weight. Each horse needs different amounts of feed, depending on their weight and performance.

Feed is in the form of grain and pellets. Find out what's in the feed before you decide on the barrel horse. Many feeders today offer similar feed in both blend and pellet form. Plain oats are not suitable for a barrel of horses. The barrel horse needs more fuel than smooth oats. Choose a grain or pellet that has a good percentage of protein and an easily digestible. Pellet feed was not easily digestible until recently. By now they are easier to break them when they eat it. This reduces the chance of colic and other digestive problems. Some horses like sweet cereal blends because of the flavor, but they usually switch slowly to a pellet feed if you find this is the best choice for you.


Nutrition supplements are very common in barrels in the horse industry. There is an addendum that can be accessed from almost all things. From the horseshoes and the coat to the energy and the weight-makers the accessories can play a great part in the horse's nutrition every day.

Choosing the supplement after talking to your vet about your horse is your decision, not the most recent thing because the top barrel competitor supports the product. Accessories that are not needed will usually not hurt, but they will be very expensive. Accessories that claim that a horse is a better performer, faster or more able to win is simply not true. Each horse will respond with a variety of accessories to a little different.

Equipping a knight with a balanced diet is the beginning of a good drum contest. Good nutrition gives the horse the edge that it needs to do its best.

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