Nutrition for Pregnant Cats – The Kitten's Needs The Kitten's Meals

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If your cat is pregnant, then you probably have a plan. Many pet citizens do not intend to become pregnant with their cat. If your cat is soon to be a baby, then you need to prepare not only for the new litter, but also pay special attention to your cat. Proper nutrition and nutrition is vital for pregnant cats, just as for a pregnant person.

The most important factor is that your cat needs extra calories. This does not mean that your kitten will fall in, but simply have to eat more than normal. Multiple protein enriched foods and calcium should also be added. Not only will this help the cat the vitamins it needs in postnatal times, but it also provides extra energy to deliver it to delivery.

Instead of buying the same food you always give to your cat, pick up a sack of kitten's meals. This is fine, but the same food that the new kittens will eat soon gives excellent pregnancy to the pregnant cats because kittens have more calcium, protein and fat than normal adult cat foods. All the food that a pregnant cat needs is packed in a kind of food.

You still have to feed the cat's normal adult cat food while pregnant. The recommended brand is like Eukanuba. It's a good way to make your kitten's meal with regular meals. Instead of feeding the pregnant cat with two big meals a day, it nourishes small foods.

At later stages of pregnancy, you should consume twice as much food as you did before becoming pregnant.

Many veterinarians will propose the addition of vitamin minerals to help the cat give extra calcium that your bones need. Just like in a human pregnancy, the infant's all the power and calcium you need. In order to stay healthy, you have to add the owner to your diet or blood stream. This prevents future dental caries or bone loss.

The cat's total gestation period is 9 weeks. The energy that your pregnant cat needs will be reflected in weight gained by weight. The pregnant cat will follow the litter, the nursing will play the most important role. You must be aware of changing needs through the process. It will take as much energy as possible to reproduce milk. Water intake is very important to help her in milk reproduction.

About five weeks of age, kittens begin to consume more solid food and their mother nursing less. At the same time, the mother will eat less. Most kittens are separated from the mother during the eight weeks of birth and at this time the mother needs enough energy to return to her usual pre-pregnancies and nourishment.

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