Nutrition for our skin

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This is the thing that keeps us inside. This screen shows what happens to us. This is the body's largest organ. This is our skin. It is also the organ that is most sensitive to damage to elements, sun and wind, cold and pollution, germs and poisons. Many symptoms of illness and illness are due to skin condition, such as measles and chickenpox. Pale or soaked skin color indicates something is wrong. Now, because it plays such an important role, it must be ensured and nutrition plays an important role in the care of our skin.

Nutrition is vital not only to nourish our skin, but also to develop it from the innermost layer, dermis. [the dermis] mainly consists of elastin and collagen. At this stage, vitamin C is a nutrient that promotes collagen production. Over time, collagen and elastin fibers are less flexible due to damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants such as A, C, E and others help to damage.

Now let's look at some common skin diseases and discover the nutrients that effectively prevent or reduce these conditions.

Dry or rough skin.

Its coarse, dry skin is prevented by vitamin A, both as a part of the diet and on vitamin B, on the outside skin. Basic fats are the membranes of our skin cells, and the absence of these essential fatty acids is another cause of dry skin. The skin should be well oiled from the inside when eating foods that contain these essential fatty acids, such as fish, nuts and seeds, especially flax seed. We are eager to maintain a healthy, elastic skin, our water intake. Daily averages require 1.5 liters of clean water. This is beneficial not only for the condition of the skin, but also for many other aspects of the healthy body.

acne. (Teenage Nightmare)

Acne is caused by many conditions. Excess fat blocks the skin's pores. Due to the lack of vitamin A, skin cells are excessively gelatinized, causing skin overload. At the same time it reduces the fight against infection. The solution is low fat and sugar consumption. Drink plenty of water. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Supplements to be added to the diet include vitamin A, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin E and niacin.


This can cause an allergic reaction to certain foods, especially milk products or wheat, along with the absence of essential fatty acids. Combat eczema is a low-fat, fatty diet, but the content of essential fats in seeds and cold pressed oils is greater. They are strong anti-inflammatory agents. Cut off meat and dairy products. Replace the meat fish. Increase your consumption of vegetables. Supplement with essential oils such as flax, evening kankal and borage oil. Add vitamins B6, biotin zinc, magnesium and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.

Just by looking at some common conditions, it shows that good nutrition plays an important role in skin care. So, in summary, you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. If possible, stick to organic cultivation. Try to eat nuts, seeds or cold pressed oil every day. Last but not least, pure water is vital. A 1.5 liter drink per day.

To cite local skin care products, "Love the skin".

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