Nutrition – Do you have a baby every day from bed?

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Optimal nutrition is similar to body like high octane fuel to the sports car. How do you feel when you opened your eyes this morning? Do you have a heartbreak in your chest or sweat on anxious night?

What's happening in your head when you get up in the morning?

  • Think of the first moment in the morning. Do you open your eyes peacefully in your mind or your daily fear?
  • Do you have a mind that is focused or blurred?
  • Do you need an alarm to get out of bed, or have positive thoughts about the next day to get up and go, should you start the day?

Your body slept overnight to take control of vital organs in order to process daily fuel. Your mind needs to focus on digestion and elimination and your body needs to be peaceful for your daily activities, so you sleep.

I often wondered why I was sleeping, did not I?

  • Do you know how many hours you really need and why?
  • What if you do not sleep?

Ask your friendly computer with these questions, write them down, and find out why you need to sleep. Make notes and communicate with others around you, you will be surprised by the reactions.

The body needs to digest the previous day's food.

  1. The foods you ate will determine how easy the night is.
  2. If you eat foods that are difficult to digest, such as red meat, your body works harder and takes more time to process and eliminate processes. waste
  3. Your heart produces fuel and connects with the lungs to nourish the organs to the oxygen you need to digest what they ate before

Sleep is about digestion. Do you know how many hours a lion is sleeping? Find out why? Food for thought

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