Nutrition and Nutrition

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Nutrition is a way to provide the life-support materials (in the form of food) to cells and organisms. This is a diet taken in consideration of the body's nutritional needs. Nutrition is a question that involves a back seat of lifestyle enthusiasts around the world. In essence, nutrition refers to the intake of food; specifically the liquids and the fuels they have to survive.

Diet and fiber

Dietary fiber consists primarily of cellulose which is indigestible because there are no enzymes that digest. Food sources of the protein include meat, eggs, cereals, legumes and dairy products, such as milk and cheese. Nutrient minerals are living elements of living organisms, except for the four organic particles, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen that are present in common organic molecules. Dietary Guidelines for Americans (US Dietetic Guidelines) issued by the American Health Care and Human Services (HHS) and the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) provide advice to the US and the Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) that people aged 2 years and over proper nutrition habits can promote health and reduce the chronic diseases. While pizza is really not the most important part of healthy eating, you can make healthier pizzas that are fat-rich, thicker, and offer really good nutrition by choosing whole grain and many vegetables. A poor diet can have an adverse effect on health, causing defective diseases such as scurvy, beriberi and kwashiorkor; such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, as well as common chronic systemic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and osteoporosis. In general, consumption of a wide variety of fresh whole (unprocessed) foods has proved to be favorable compared to the monotone diet based on processed foods. Fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fiber.

Importance of eating fiber:

– provided it is bulk in intestinal content.

– Stimulates peristalsis (rhythmic muscle contractions along the digestive tract).

The lack of dietary fiber leads to constipation in the diet (lack of motives). Consuming a diet that contains a sufficient amount of essential (but not essential) amino acids is especially important for the production of animals that have a particularly high requirement. Some nutritionists recommend that these heavier elements be included as some food (which are affected by the affected component (s)), compounds, and sometimes even minerals, such as calcium carbonate.

Nutritional Supplements

Sometimes minerals are fed to food from a separate meal, such as mineral supplements, the most famous of iodinated salt iodine. Sodium is generally not found in food supplements despite being needed in large quantities because ion is very common in food. Supplements to vitamins or nutritional minerals have been recognized by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (the United Nations High Authority on Food Specifications) as a category of food. Supplements, most of all antioxidants, help our body to keep the toxins at a minimum. Supplementation of a single vitamin and vitamin mixture has been studied in Down syndrome children. Additional L-tyrosine has been studied in the treatment of sports performance enhancers and depression, drug addiction, narcolepsy, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, phenylketonuria and many other conditions.

For normal cellular maintenance, growth and separation, free radicals should be properly neutralized with antioxidant compounds, some of which are produced by appropriate precursors (glutathione, vitamin C in most animals) and those that can not be produced by the body, (Vitamin C in humans, vitamin A, vitamin K) or other compounds produced by the body (converting beta-carotene into vitamin A, cholesterol sunlight). Most fatty acids are not essential, so the body can produce them as needed, but at least two fatty acids are essential and should be consumed in the diet. Since the different types and quantities of food / absorbing foods affect insulin, glucagon and other hormones differently, not just omega-3, but the general composition of the diet also affects health effects . essential fatty acids.

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