Nutrition and Hydration in the Elderly

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Older people often have less interest in eating, and weight loss is noticeably noticeable. You may not drink so much – especially if you have problems with incontinence. Despite the advanced mental illness and / or the ultimate disease, this interest in foods and drinks may become even more pronounced. Family Dinners become less social events, and more the battle of wills when children use their energy to eat and consume. If you have severe weight loss, artificial nutrition or hydration can be considered

Before examining alternative methods of nutrition and hydration, some questions are needed: a swallow study (Modified Barium Disease) designed to eliminate the physical problem that makes it difficult to swallow? Muscle strength typically decreases in our age. This decrease in muscle weakness can affect the muscles involved in swallowing. Stroke or TIA ("mini" stroke) may affect the muscle control required for effective swallowing

  • Is a poor fit prosthesis or weak teeth mistaken for eating less? If the denture does not fit well, it can cause problems, and may even be painful. Chewing and eating can be difficult if natural teeth break or are missing.
  • Are you afraid of drinking or eating due to incontinence problems? Elderly people often have problems with incontinence and can refrain from eating and drinking if they are afraid of getting an "accident" or if there is no need for easy access to the bathroom.
  • Is depression a factor? ] Clinical depression can cause anorexia, which can lead to weight loss. Depression can cause interest in activities such as family dinners, meals, etc.
  • Are There Fake Medications? Many drugs can cause loss of appetite, or the food is "tasty funny." "
  • The Dementia Factor Older people with dementia forget how to prepare food, how to nourish or how to chew and ingest
  • Decreased appetite is a result of an outbreak of disease, the ultimate disease being hunger and natural decline of thirst as the body is about to die Medical practitioners must involve patients and their families in understanding the disease process and its effect on nutrition and swallowing If other nutrition
  • Alternative nutrition / hydration improves nutritional status
  • Alternative nutrition / hydration reduces the risk of the disease or prevents the disease?
  • Alternative nutrition / Does Hydration Improve Quality of Life?
  • Alternative Nutrition / hi dratation is a short-term or long-term intervention?
  • What are the risks with alternative nutrition / hydration? is there any consideration if you provide alternative nutrition or hydration, but there is a "heart change"?
  • All these issues need to be carefully considered before taking action to achieve alternative nutrition. Professionals need to teach their families before they make a decision about tubular nutrition, nutritional supplements, appetite suppressants, and so on. Your Prospects and Contraindications. This education should be specific to the affected patient and take into account the health of the patient.

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