Nutrition and Asperger

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Many parents get Asperger's syndrome for their child and suddenly their world is literally astonished. Parents should start thinking about food choice, structure, behavior, and more. At first you seem to be the first, but I want you to know that Asperger gives you a high quality life for your child.

Many parents have already found that Asperger's syndrome can be treated naturally by your child with behavioral therapies, but mostly with nutrition. Because doctors are currently trained to treat symptoms with drugs – nutrition is key – and little training is needed at the United States Medical School. Parental testimonies of children with the Asperger Fathers were pleased to testify how the difference differs from the proper nutrition of their children.


There are many natural ways to help your child adjust to and work in your world, so that you can often question people that your child really has Asperger's syndrome. He will be able to focus tasks over a longer period of time, have a little more social relationship, and generally have a happier child.

– NTR (Neural Transmission Repatterning) – energy therapy designed to affect the brain and the body. Repatterns or reorganize the nervous pathways of the brain that are said to "harmonize behavior and patterns"

– Nutritional Supplements – Vitamin B, essential fatty acids, magnesium, etc.

– Dietary Changes / Changes – See below!


Asperger's syndrome is a spectrum disorder such as autism. Studies have concluded that certain foods and behaviors of Asperger and children of autism are present.


Children with these diseases tend to be intolerant to gluten and casein found in many foods. When these children eat meals with these two ingredients, behavior is deteriorating. But when gluten and casein were eliminated, parents reported that their children had improved eye contact, fewer outbreaks and tortures, improved communication, less mood, and even improved vocabulary and oral skills.


is it recommended by the Journal of the American Medical Association to give each person a daily supplement? Food law enforcement agencies and AMA acknowledge that the foods we consume no longer supply the nutrients, fibers, minerals, and nutrition necessary for our body to function and combat the disease.

Asperger's syndrome children are not different. It is often difficult to digest certain foods, which means that their body and brain do not get the optimum nutrition. Family life can be difficult because children with syndrome do not respond, aggressive and antisocial.

What accessories are the best? The best way is to combine nutrients that help you together – minerals, vitamins – with strong antioxidants and brain foods – omega fatty acids. Children with Asperger syndrome are essential for fish oil supplements that contain essential fatty acids. These EDFs are key to the health and functioning of the brain. When parents include essential fatty acids in their diet, they notice a dramatic difference.

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