Nutrition – An amazing new discovery of the whole pizza

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When I held my party on the sixth birthday of my cousin in "Chuck E Cheese" Pizza Place. Food, play and fun for kids.

It was mainly a family and one of my other cousins, who was 15 years old, completely devoured my own, well, pizza – not just a few slices, but a whole 18 pizza!

Is this clever or crazy?

Well , good news Kevin, my "crazy crazy" cousin is very active with sports

Playing, playing basketball, skateboarding, and not mentioning her, she is her teenage years

How wonderful it is to eat appetite every meal eating, consuming 5 healthy meals a day

During his feast he asked, "How long will this pizza become fat? "

At first I could not believe her appetite

This whole pizza I know has over 3500 calories, and one pound of fat is looking for about 3500 calories, so it's" processed "in a serving of fat and a seat now, how many pills a week and the weight you want to add within a year?

I said you would probably take this dish and go through the stomach and leave it for 3-4 hours while

It then takes another 3 hours in the intestines and may be processed in the liver and eventually becomes fat (and the rest is outside the body)

Briefly takes a few days

For pizza and meat-hunters I just thought I shared this digestion.

Alleluia for High Metabolism

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