Meditation – The key to success

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Meditation is a unique and very easy way to provide tranquility in the most natural way to the mind. Nowadays meditation is the most sought-after remedy that everyone accepts. But most misunderstood and misunderstood methods are offered by a number of self-help gurus. Please do not mislead these promotions and preaching of the greedy peoples. Instead, please initiate independent research in this regard and discover their reality. Repeat your ability before joining any group or organization.

Everyone has a special mind, great inner strength and energy, which further opens the meditation. Of course, the road is moving forward. So start meditating as soon as possible without having much delay or waiting for a sect guru. There is practically no need for someone's help. It's very simple and easy to practice. How to meditate:

Sit Ideally without thinking about anything, closing your eyes for a few minutes everyday, preferably swimming, swimming or training. The body and the mind become fresh and, after a natural bath, they are in a natural rhythm. You can either sit in the chair on the floor when your feet cross or stand upright. Do not forget that your spine must always be straight in any position you meditate on.

The whole body should not be under tension, but in a relaxed state with the proper posture. Self-esteem takes place in the early days of practice and meditation. This is a natural phenomenon. Meditation is more effective when done in isolation, any noise or activity is nearby. Although there are other methods of meditation, but this is the most effective, less time-consuming, and the results are much more productive and lifelong.

Meditation and introspection are linked to each other. Self-esteem is an analysis of your own thoughts and actions in itself under the mind at the subconscious level. When meditation takes place daily, introspection occurs only in the first few minutes. Saves useful things and discarded data is automatically deleted. This is the magic of consciousness.

When the mind becomes clear about its thoughts and concerns, it opens its way to an unfamiliar and even journey. Here starts the deep meditation. This is a natural phenomenon. Just sit here sitting without wandering and doing nothing. Just keep flowing and drifting with flow. Relax and enjoy each moment of newly discovered happiness. This is the only way to reach it. It can not be initiated directly, without getting rid of the mind's turmoil, thoughts, ideas, concerns, or tensions.

Meditation is a way of driving the mind to the subconscious level to slowly slow down our working methods associated with our minds. So we make sure you relax and relax. If we can meditate every day, we can remove irrelevant things from our minds everyday. Although the actual duration of relaxation may vary from a few seconds to a few minutes, it still makes a big difference. It helps alleviate the many thoughts and problems that block mental energies so that the mind works smoother and more smoothly. If you start practicing meditation daily, you will soon feel the positive differences in your life. It might make sense to think, study, and learn new things. It also helps to remember and remember information, analysis and problem solving, interpersonal skills and relationships, and so on.

There is another meditation method that people also propose. In this method, your eyes are wide open. All the people who can not meditate their eyes are closed, suggesting this method to start meditating with an open eye. People here are focused on focusing on a given object. It's a flame of a burning candle or a black dot on a wall. Both should be kept 2-3 meters away which are clearly visible to the eye. No movement or no noise can be found in the vicinity, so that proper focus can be created. With a little practice it becomes simpler.

Here is the main idea to stop all the other activities, sit in a certain position and focus on an object. This method seems to be effective, but the mind still works. Second, the mind was not revealed. At first it seems to work. But gradually, people are beginning to lose interest because they do not show positive results in many days. This is completely natural. When you begin to notice the positive results of an activity, the mind is more prone and more motivated in its further pursuit. To complete the meditation process, four steps are required:

] [19459019] The first is to reduce the connection of the mind from daily routine and activities to a few minutes

Second is to withdraw yourself and get rid of the mind of the exhausted things that further exclude the mental energies in order to waste away. The Third is to calm the mind and guide the renewed spiritual energies to the more useful [Macro of] 1959-1004 Fourth to purify, activate and energize the seven chakras and energy centers of the body.

So the body and soul rhythm is full of work and synchronization. This further helps the various mental and physical problems that have evolved over the years.

Neurological problems are found to be the most favorable, whose results can only be detected within a few days

Since meditation is not a kind of activity or a ritual, there are no rules or rules. But there are some simple precautions to make your experiences and feelings positive.

doctor if you have any physical illness. Also, if you feel some discomfort when sitting or standing for longer. But do not forget that the spine needs to be straight under meditation. Interact with some people who meditate long enough. You will know the benefits, the ideas you make, and other ways that you can open. Meditation needs to be in a comfortable place : No unpleasant smell, no hot, too cold, unbearable moisture or moisture, should not be too bright or wet in the dark, etc. In a nutshell, the place chosen for meditation can be a convenient and comfortable room. Or even a place outside a park near the lake, the river or the waterfall, but without any noise or disturbance. : Appropriate rest or anytime, when illness creates other discomfort or when the body and mind are extremely tired. The break in such situations is useful in the long run


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