Mat Yoga – How to find the perfect yoga mat

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If you are just starting to use mats made by your studio – they are clean, good and thick enough for everyone. Once you’ve practiced for a while and started to feel the effects, it may be time to decide on your mat.

Mat price for your budget ranges from $ 10 to $ 100 depending on the quality of the material. All natural rubber mats are usually more expensive. But with superior durability, shockproof and comfort Cheaper yoga mats, PVC and PER (less harmful to the environment than PVC) sometimes have similar characteristics. But it costs a lot less In general, the more dedicated and progressive you are, the more you should spend because the investment will be paid in the future. Price quality relationship with the yoga mat almost directly

Once you’re confident in determining your skill level and budget, it’s time to choose a mat – yoga will never be the same (teasing).

Consider the following features of a good yoga mat and choose the one that suits you best:

The best mat material is made from biodegradable natural rubber (latex) or advanced eco-friendly polymers. I would suggest natural rubber if you don’t care about the smell of it. If you do – consider earth-friendly jute polymers or both mixed together. PVC mats are usually the cheapest. But has good stability, handles and cu (See more details later) If you buy PVC sheets, you should not pay more than $ 20 unless you pay more for the look.

Mat sizes are longer (60-75 “) and width (20-24”) and larger mats are usually more comfortable. Remember that the larger mats are heavier and thicker and more difficult to carry to study. Yoga mats are about balance, so the best idea is to have one large mat for practicing at home, a thin and light mat. (Or towels) for traveling and a normal mat, one bag and a bag for entering the floor

Thickness Beginner students often prepare thick mats (about ¼ “). Practicing on thick mats is easier than at first. But when you get more advanced, too much depth may become a distraction. General PVC studio mats are between 1/8 “to ¼”

Stickiness 99% of yoga mats cannot be caught when too wet. Please keep in mind and do not complain when you start slipping and slipping during hot yoga practice, get a special yoga towel and cover it with your mat. Premium mats better cope with wetness. But not perfect Test the adhesion of the mat when dry. It is good that a good mat should not be too sticky because it will not help during changing positions. Natural materials such as rubber and jute tend to have better adhesion, although cheaper PVC mats may be used.

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