Master of Mind – The Wonderful Way Yoga can relieve stress from the physiological lifestyle

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While we are accustomed to live with an uncontrolled mind, we should never assume that this is an acceptable but inevitable state. We can master the mind, and with repeated practice the mind instead of our servant is the mind rather than the victim. Mind is trained, our most righteous friend; if you do not keep it free and accused, there is an enemy who does not leave the room.

"To be impatient, to a small extent, spiritual aspirants must be free from all mental disturbances, with the help of intelligent will, to Atman, and never think of anything else, whether the restless and restless mind wanders, pulled back, and it only needs to rely on Atman. "

-Bhagavad Gita

The mind is cleansed and proved to be relaxed through the practice of meditation and the pursuit of moral virtues

Aside from popular wisdom, there is no way to practice meditation without it to practice moral virtues with each other. Try differently, as efficient as sailing the ocean with a leaking boat.

Raja yoga, the royal journey of meditation. Because the king keeps his rule, so we can control our own "kingdom" – the vast area of ​​consciousness. In raja yoga we use our intellectual powers to implement Atman through the psychological control process.

The basic condition of raja yoga is that the perception of our divine self is covered by the disturbances of the mind. If the mind can be quiet and clear, then I immediately instantly accelerates.

Raja Yogis Michele Hébert and Mehrad Nazari have drawn Raja Yoga for their credible and receptive character. The spiritual center of Raja Yoga was also the focus of his own spiritual master, Walt Baptiste.

"Raja Yoga is a science, art and a lifetime in life to enhance, enrich and strengthen our spiritual attention." -Walt Baptiste

"The benefits of Raja Yoga are experienced both in the immediate and the long term, not just in physical terms, but in all aspects of our life, awareness, spiritual purity, self-confidence and spiritual confinement in ourselves and in the world around us . "-Michele Hébert and Mehrad Nazari Ph.D.

If someone questioned this claim, let the pathetic soul sit for a few minutes and meditate. What's happening? Thousands of different thoughts fly to us, all of them leading the mind out. The sudden flaming fly will be very important. So the idea of ​​dinner too. Now we remember where he left the keys. Yesterday's argument became even more vivid and stronger; so the perfect retrospective that we have "skillfully" shaped under "meditation". At the moment when we think of a thought, another equals power. If it were not so shocking, it would be funny.

With the right tools and information you can go years to find the peace, peace and tranquility you are looking for. Instead of wasting everything or knocking on the old trial-error method, it's easier to achieve the peace and quiet you've always dreamed of.

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