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I've been meditating for over 30 years. I started with a kind of meditation, or with Hatha Yoga, which was somewhat physically harder than I was practicing. There were a lot of aces or postures, literally placing our bodies in all positions.
It was great for my health.

Looking for a longer path that I was more comfortable with, I began Surat Shabd Yoga, a kind of meditation on Inner Hang and Light. Surat Shabd yoga is not new. It's not part of the New Age movement. It always exists and is in fact a practice that teaches how to truly "love".

In the old days, Surat Shabd yoga was called the "Royal Path". For follow-up, there was no need to give up something out so the kings and queens would study this form of meditation. They wanted to learn the spirit and study the kingdom, subjects, wives and children by studying the Surat Shabd yoga.

Surat Shabd yoga is very simple and natural. It can be practiced to plant or lay and is very comfortable. Surat Shabd Yoga is a meditation on the Inner Hang and Light that we all have in us. This Inner Sound and Light, always there, has always been there, something that we can achieve. This is in fact our Higher Self.

Although the Surat Shabd yoga, or the inner tone and light meditation is very natural and very comfortable, we are still conscious of the conquest. We sit in a meditation and the mind literally says: you have to make the purchase; children must be picked up at 3:00; he must bring Johnny here; you have to bring Mary there.

The mind goes very fast. We'll be in Chicago for a moment, and next in New York. Then we can be in Berlin quickly, because the mind, as long as we learn to control it, will move like a monkey.

There are a few different ways to practice Surat Shabd yoga. The first way is to close your eyes and give yourself a few words, a mantra to repeat it. You may choose any words and feel comfortable. You can choose love, love, love or peace, peace, peace. You can repeat what you want.

The reason we repeat words or words in silence, what we call the inner language, is because we give something to ourselves. If our minds are thinking about what to do, we will give him something else than to think. We give a few words to repeat that we have a warm, peaceful meaning for us. Words can be anything we want. They do not have to be institutionalized. We just want the mind to be repeated.

I like meditation. People ask me how to sit and meditate. It gets rid of everything. Very peaceful, very warm, inviting and loving. Personally, I do not feel anything hectic, quick or in the sense of meditating. Because it feels so warm and inviting, and I feel so much love, I enjoy it.

We feel love when meditating, because we are in contact with the sources of Love, in us. Everyone has the source of love inside. Introduced when meditating. As we deepen into meditation, we begin to recognize the source of the same love for everyone. As soon as this happens, we begin to understand that the true meaning of "Love" is fully identified on the source of Love that is within every living being.

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