Iridology and Nutrition, Iridological Analysis as a Successful Healing Process Indicator

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The holistic model of medicine can not be imagined without iridology and nutrition. In fact, iridology and nutrition are closely interlinked and complementary.

When the iridological analysis reveals the inherent weakness of the digestive system or the toxicity of the elimination organs, it means exactly that the body's nutrition suffers. On the other hand, the iridological analysis after the prescribed nutrition program allows the success of the program to be evaluated and understanding what the patient needs to balance his mind and body.

Detoxification is a key process combining iridology and nutrition. A successful detoxification program dramatically improves nutrition and iridology analysis can be the size of this success. This may be vice versa. Iridology analysis can help to understand what nutrition requirements are needed for the body, and on the basis of that knowledge, the physician can develop a proper nutrition program to address the nutritional deficiencies of the patient

. to analyze the nutrition level of the body. The first is the humoral or assimilation zone. This zone is just outside the digestive reflexes and provides valuable information about normal or pathological digestion processes, especially how to deliver and distribute food. Any debilitating signs in the zone may affect digestion and absorption, which in turn affects the nutrition.

The second important iris zone for nutrition evaluation is the use zone. This zone shows the distribution and use of nutrients inside the body. Here, all nutrients can be used for every major body. Signs of blockage and congestion point to the nuisance of this gentle process and ultimately suggest bad nutrition.

And the third iris zone, which is required for nutritional evaluation, of course, is the elimination zone that includes the skin and the lymphatic system. Analysis of this zone shows how efficiently and rapidly the body system can eliminate toxins, residues and metabolic waste. All signs of weakness also refer to the body's nutrition in this area.

Nutrition is an essential part of mental nutrition. The balance between lack of stress, good sleep, good work and private life promote good mental nutrition. The iridology analysis can measure mental nutrition by stress signals (such as stress rings, narcosis obstruction, etc.) and show signs of weakness in the brain area. And this knowledge can help to provide a proper nutrition program for a particular patient.

In summary, as nutrition demonstrates the value of iridology, iridology demonstrates the value of nutrition

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