Iguana Facts – Interesting Information on Iguana Anatomy, Care and Nutrition

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Green iguanas are wonderful pets for those who love reptiles and lizards. I will not deceive you because it is extremely easy to take care of, because iguanas need more commitment and dedication than most pets. However, these are wonderful pets if they commit to take care of them. Interesting to observe. Here are just a few iguana facts that may interest you.

Iguanas are herbivores.

Iguana has two eyes on both sides and a "parietal" eye on the top of their heads.

Many people think that iguanas need iceberg salad as part of their diet. Iceberg lettuce does not provide enough nutrients for iguana. Iguana needs dark leafy vegetables like romaine, collard and mustard greens and watercress.

The iguana is approx. Its 2 foot long nose reaches the end of the tail towards the end of the first year. 3 feet long nose towards the end of the tail towards the end of the second year.

Over the years, an iguana ca. Grows 5-6 feet long. It looks like a big animal. Take a look at some iguana pictures; most of this length is characterized by their tails. It's not like an alligator or crocodile like a pet.

It is commonly assumed that iguanas are stupid. They are actually smart animals. They are not rocket scientists, but smart and skilled.

Iguanas occasionally relieve their skin during their adult lives.

Iguanas live in the wild lizards and tropical trees.

Iguanas rise on farms, then released for "growth". They are later used as food in the original Spanish areas. They know they taste like chicken. I would not know; As a lover of Iguana, I could not personally taste it.

Iguana grows and matures, losing the lively, intense color that they have hatchling.

Fighting by limiting or preventing Iguana growth. a tale of old wives. It will not work and your iguanas will be sick and maybe even damaged or worse. You need to be able to move, practice, bathe, hide, etc.

Not all UV light can be used in the iguana house.

Iguana does not necessarily know what foods are best for her. Try early with proper nutrition and nutrition. Remember, they are herbivores. While getting meat from you, it's not good for you.

You can mix fresh vegetables, fruits, and green leaves with a commercial iguana food when preparing your iguana food.

Spinach and other foods contain oxalic acid and calcium, not good with igga. Oxalic acid and calcium are combined to form a compound called calcium oxalate. This compound not only prevents proper calcium metabolism but can also cause renal failure and even urethraemia

Iguanas are fascinating creatures for study and observation. There are a number of facts and attributes that separate them from other pets. Make sure before you have the full care of your care to fully enjoy the animal's iguana adventure.

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