How Much Does Yoga Teachers Cost?

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Within the yoga teacher circles, most instructors never challenge their annual income. Payments can be "sensitive items"; especially when one is engaged in art in the profession or the intellectual aspects of yoga. All of these are regarded as enjoyable "hobbies", but professionally. Many people think they want to pay for Yoga, and some of us have this reality. Yet what is the expectation of a salary formula reasonable and how can a yoga teacher support a family in an unstable economy?

According to, yoga teachers have an hourly value from $ 10.33 to $ 54.25. If we do math, then we think that the annual payment between $ 23,000 and $ 113,000 is right. However, this range is wide enough to make the statistics unreasonable. At the bottom end, payment approaches the poverty level for a family of four. At the top end is an extra payment that can be used comfortably. In order to understand the numbers, you need a deer.

The Higher Education Yoga

First of all, consider the entire labor market of yoga instructors. If you are at the bottom of your pay scale, you do not have much to know about someone paying $ 100 a day, but these jobs are rare. Bikram is alive, but his students are often actresses, actors and specialists in Beverly Hills. Some yoga teachers work with professional athletes and leaders at Fortune 500 companies. Knowing that these positions exist is not enough. Students or clients who pay their services fairly are a marketing strategy that most yoga teachers do not want to get involved with.

For some teachers, payment of payment is unpleasant and can be considered greedy or bad. Students who wish to have a free yoga session often refuse to compensate a teacher. There are some who certainly feel that every yoga teacher must have an ascetic or monastic lifestyle and have compassion for the vow of poverty. As yoga continues to be popular, there are many contemporary forms, and most modern educators have not accepted the promise of poverty. Obviously, it is well known that most yoga instructors are paid instead of hourly pay. Most yoga instructors who spend their career in personal careers or magazine articles offer $ 29,000 and $ 35,000 a year.

Common learning scenarios for teaching yoga classes include five different options – though there are many more.

1) The yoga teacher pays a rent in the studio and retains the fees paid by the students who pay the teacher directly.

2) The teacher is paid for part of the class fees, which typically is 50-75%, and the students pay for the studio.

3) Yoga is paying a teaching fee for teaching in the studio, regardless of the number of students.

4) A combination of the above – often a flat fee plus a premium for each student exceeding a certain threshold.

5) Individual, individual classes taught outside a studio for an individual student to which the student directly pays the yoga teacher.

Private classes are the most effective for students and are the most lucrative for teachers, but by nature they are limited. Other meeting opportunities depend on the pedagogical scenario and the yoga market in the geographical area of ​​the teacher. Taking all these factors into account, it is easy to see that as a "dream" exists as a yoga teacher, it must be followed diligently and marked while pursuing cautious business.

design is required. Teaching yoga, without compensation, is not financially feasible for the vast majority of teachers.

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