How can you combine foods for optimal nutrition?

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By mixing foods, nutrition is much more interesting and provides creativity. However, there is great nutritional value in the combination of foods, and their combination means a lot. There are food nutrients that the body can not easily absorb, but if mixed with other foods, they are easily accessible to the body.

Broccoli and mustard

Crude broccoli contains an anti-cancer compound known as sulforaphane but when it prepares broccolite, it destroys the enzyme known as myrosinase, which has the sulphuric acid access to its body. So when you mix broccoli with mustard, you use the excess dose of mustard as a myrozinase to help your body absorb larger quantities of sulforaphans from broccoli.

Tomato and avocado

Tomato and avocado use as a salad or sandwich, increasing the body's nutrient intake. Tomatoes are known as antioxidants known as carotenoids, and these antioxidants are easily absorbed into the body by using safe fats. Researchers have discovered that the combination of tomato and avocado increases 15 times the absorption of antioxidants in tomatoes than when tomatoes are harvested alone. If you do not like avocado, you can use other safe fats like linseed oil or olive oil.

Onion and Whole Grain

The body needs zinc, a vital mineral that helps maintain the body's and immune system's proper growth. Whole grains are good sources of zinc, and whole fiber sandwiches are sliced ‚Äč‚Äčonions to facilitate the formation of sulfur compounds that help zinc buildup in the body.

Banana and yogurt

Have you ever had bananas and yogurt together? If not, it's better to try them. The combination is great for your body after training. Banana provides the body's carbohydrate required, while yogurt provides the protein that will repair the worn cells. The protein in this blend reduces the absorption of liquid carbohydrate, which in turn reduces the fast increase in fasting blood sugar after meals. In addition, when these two foods enter the stomach, the nutrients of banana nourish the good bacteria they have been drinking in yogurt to increase their immunity.

Spinach and olive oil

Vitamin A and K are vitamins that are fat-soluble in spinach, which are not easy to absorb if there is a lack of fat. The best combination of spinach is olive oil because it contains high mono-saturated fat content which is good for preventing heart disease. If you are not a fan of olive oil, you can use sesame oil, linseed oil or other mother liquor.

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