Healthy, high-calorie meals for weight gain

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Who is the sexiest – Jennifer Lopez or Olive Oyl of the old Popeye cartoons? Most people have responded in a pronounced way: "J-Lo!" Some people, of course, are endomorphic and are difficult to lose weight. At the other end of the spectrum are ectomorphic people, who are thin and indeed struggling. Incomplete can be emotionally difficult. It is hard to believe, especially for women, given the current "thin-on" culture. Those in need of weight gain also include fighting bodybuilders and eating disorders.

The idea of ​​weight loss will of course not be obese – so fast food is clearly excluded. Because obesity is accompanied by serious health risks such as heart disease and diabetes. Rather, those who want to weight need healthy, high-calorie meals for weight gain. A healthy diet, of course, is made with high-protein foods – it also produces an attractive lean muscle

The three primary nutrients of the human body are the amino acid-containing protein; fats that provide fatty acids; and carbohydrates that provide glucose. These three primary nutrients are the food they raise! Here's a snapshot of how to optimize nutrition for healthy, high-calorie foods for weight gain.

Proteins should be the building blocks of all meals and snacks. The protein builds lean muscles. This does not mean the fast-food burger! Make sure your protein source is low: chicken, fish, or vegetarian alternatives such as beans and tofu. Red meat and dairy products are generally not recommended because they have saturated fat. However, there are healthy ways to eat red meat and dairy products that will be discussed shortly. Most of your foods are protein. Slim protein salts include hummus, nuts, low-fat cheese and yogurt.

Enjoy tough wholegrain carbohydrates. This does not mean white high-processed carbohydrates such as potatoes, white bread and bagels. Think brown. The whole granular carbohydrate contains elements such as multiple granular crackers, whole wheat bread and basmati rice. People who are watching their weight will avoid highly processed carbohydrates and reduce the total intake of carbohydrate in one or two doses per day. Since the goal is to gain weight, you can freely consume whole grain carbohydrates at each meal. The seven teaspoon biscuits dipped in hummus are a great snack!

We consume at least five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. You can increase your server input by consuming 100 percent natural juices. Make sure you add a fruit or vegetable to each meal. We could change the old saying that "Daily an apple from the doctor" means "It keeps the disease at five doses per day!"

Enjoy healthy fats. Fat promotes nutrient absorption, facilitates neuronal transmission and maintains cell integrity. This does not mean eating fatty fried potatoes! Not all greases are equal. There are good fats and bad fats. Good guys are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Single unsaturated fats reduce LDL or poor cholesterol and increase HDL or good cholesterol. Delicious examples: nuts, canola and olive oil. Polyunsaturated fats also reduce LDL and total cholesterol. Those healthy omega-3 fatty acids we always hear are polyunsaturated fats. Salmon, fish oil, corn, soy, safflower and sunflower oil are many in the polyunsaturated fats. Enjoy a full pastry from gourmet olive oil! Make a large, creamy guacamole from the hearty avocado – throw some tomatoes and onions. These are fine, healthy, high-calorie foods for weight gain! Avoid bad fats as they cause heart disease and some cancers. Bad guys are saturated fats and trans fats. Saturated fats increase LDL and total cholesterol; mainly in products of animal origin, including meat, dairy products and eggs. Trans fats come from hydrogenated oils. Scientists spin hydrogen into any type of oil, either originally from healthy oils, so that processed foods can get longer shelf life and a more wrinkled "mouth sensation". Fried potatoes and buns, margarine, vegetable shortening, and countless packed foods contain partially hydrogenated oils. Read the labels and avoid them.

If you occasionally eat animal products, protect your health properly. If you want to enjoy some red meat and dairy products as part of a healthy eating plan, here are some tricks to keep bad fats. Release the meat and dairy products from local small family farmers located in areas that originate from grass-based animals. Now, in most supermarkets, organic and grass-fed meat is available. Not only are these products much higher in the flavor, but they also contain good fats, especially omega-3 fatty acids than bad fats. They also have conjugated lineinic acid, and beta-carotene is great. These nutrients fall into conventional bulk meat and dairy products because animals are consumed by maize, which is cheaper and larger for animals. You may be shocked to find that animals are often consumed by old-fashioned or ruined rusty foods, such as baked snacks, because it is so inexpensive.

Another way you can eat healthy foods is to use aerobic exercise instead of an anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is a moderate activity that lasts longer, such as running and cycling. Aerobic exercise burns fat. However, if you try to gain weight, keep some fat to make it slim, more attractive to muscle, and turn to anaerobic exercise. An anaerobic exercise with high intensity short action, such as weight lifting, sprinting and jumping. Weight lifting is a perfect anaerobic exercise when someone is trying to gain weight. Bodybuilders use this anaerobic exercise to build muscle mass and non-durable athletes use their power. Weight lifting creates a hard body for men who are loved by women and depicts those women who are valued by the curves on those curves. If you have reached the desired weight, you can add aerobic exercise to anaerobic exercise for complete cardiovascular health.

These diet tips can complement your healthy diet with protein supplements. It is often difficult to consume enough protein daily so supplementing the soy protein or whey protein shake may increase the total intake. Everyone who is too thin, wants to gain weight, looks great and builds strength. Take the next step today and enjoy the benefits of a fit, healthy body.

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