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The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthinking about a healthy lifestyle now demands more than ever. More and more dreaded disease. To start a wellness search, take a sleep on a healthy diet and oh, start dripping, huh!

* Avocado – this wonderful fruit can reduce body cholesterol levels and increase HDL levels by using oleic acid. There are plenty of fibers that are good for the body. In fact, some slices of avocado dressing up with burgers make it the healthiest alternative. Drop the mayonnaise, the avocado is delicious!

* Raspberry – this fruit of a berry family is too good for the body to ignore it. One has Ellagic acid, a known component that can interfere with cancer cells. It can also be fitted with vitamin C and fibers that can help fight high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease.

* Raisin – who would have thought these small animals have a great benefit to their health? Raisins help you get the right amount of iron, which is an important part of blood oxygen supply. There are some fibers that are quite useful.

* Garlic – anyone who says he does not deserve a place on a healthy food list must be enlightened. More than the flavor you give to your food, garlic is a very important nutrient that your body needs to keep healthy. You can reduce LDL cholesterol, fight against high blood pressure, and reduce the risk of certain cancers.

* Peanuts – we all know that groundnuts will be able to shine. More than this and its ability to supply daily protein requirement, you can even inject unsaturated fats that reduce the risk of heart disease by 20%.

* Yogurt – yes, active bacteria and interestingly, where health benefits come from. Yogurt bacteria help protect you against yeast infections. Plus, there is calcium, which results in strong bones. In fact, yogurt is also good for those who are lactose intolerant. It does not bother the stomach so you can upload it to make it healthier.

* Crabs – more than just amazing, the crabs contain nutrients that our body needs. Vitamin B12 and zinc. Strengthens the immune system while filling the delicious meat! In addition, the crab meat contains a little fat. You do not have to worry about any risk!

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