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Did you know that stress could be deadly? While most of the everyday stresses are most often not dangerous and endangered, long-term stress has caused serious health problems.

Stress is caused by many factors and affects everyone differently. Since there are many variables present in the game, each person will achieve better success with certain strategies than others. Learning to recognize a stress is the first step to finding a way to deal with it and reduce it.

Although many techniques are used and used to effectively treat stress and nutrition. In fact, some people find that one area of ​​the daily routine completely eliminates stress. In situations where stress is caused by factors other than current eating habits, maintaining a healthy diet is required to prevent further damage

So what is good nutrition and how does it relate to stress? Nutrition provides vitamins and minerals of different body weight that have certain effects on bodily functions. The mood, which is certainly linked to stress, is controlled by a chemical released from the body called serotonin. It is imperative that this chemistry is in equilibrium or mood fluctuations that result in higher stress levels.

To maintain serotonin balance, it is wise to have healthy carbohydrate selection as well as tryptophan-rich foods as an amino acid used by the body to produce serotonin in the diet. Examples of healthy carbohydrates include brown rice and other whole grains, sweet potatoes, squash and green onions, such as broccoli. Turkey is one of the best sources of tryptophan, egg and nuts are also a good choice.

If we are honest, we know what to eat. Make conscious efforts to include more fruits and vegetables at each meal and consume a lot of lean protein, whole grain cereals and fresh water. Avoid things like fast food, soda water and sugar-fed foods. In case you eat such a less desirable choice, take note of how you feel after eating. You will undoubtedly find that you do not feel as well as when the plate contains healthier choices.

This does not mean that there is no place for occasional treatment in a healthy diet, but such foods should be eaten in combination with moderately and healthier foods to minimize the damage they cause. When consumed with better choices, they will not adversely affect mood and stress levels as they consume themselves.

While nutrition alone does not solve all the stress-related issues, the foundation is the strength to fight.

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