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We all want to be spiritually, mentally and physically. But with our busy life and the hectic agenda, how can we find a way to fit it? Is it difficult enough to manage our time with our daily activities, how can we tighten up activities that help to fit spiritually and physically? But we all know that holistic fit is the only answer to staying sober. But how do we achieve this?

To fit spiritually and spiritually, you can come into a yoga class. Yoga is a discipline that deals with the physical and mental sphere. However, it is often related to the meditative practices of Buddhism and Hinduism. The yoga we refer to is actually a yoga position or yoga position. This is the asana. Asana is a body position, which means sitting or sitting. Usually, the starting point at the beginning of meditation is to enhance body vitality and, above all, to improve, restore and maintain flexibility in the person's well-being and develop his ability to stay meditated for a longer period of time in a sitting position. [19659002] There are some traditional practices in the implementation of the Asanas, and these are:

  • Do not eat before the asanas. You need empty stomach.
  • The body must be calm. Never use force or pressure. Make sure the body is stable and does not tremble.
  • When you lower your body parts like your head, you should slowly lower yourself. The raised corners should be lowered slowly. There are no sudden movements in yoga.
  • It is also essential for the practitioner to check his breathing. For each position, special breathing patterns are used and this must be followed to achieve the desired result.
  • There are aces that target specific problems, such as stress and headaches. For a stressed body, the Corpse Pose or the Child Pose. To reduce the headache, Sukhasana or Savasana should be performed.
  • Physically, it must be physically active. Do not practice, do sports. If you are sporting, try it every week. This is a good workout to release stress and tension this week. If you are in training, get to the gym after work. So you will not only release the angry rage of your boss, it will keep your body shape, focusing all the energy on your job. Dance is a good form of keeping the right body. Tones your feet. But depending on what kind of dance, it sounds all over the body. But if you do not like them, it's enough to go to the office. Step down the stairs instead of the elevator. You will need fonts and you will have it for weeks.

Do not forget that the healthy body, mind, and spirit always have positive outlook in life. No matter how much trouble your way is, you will be able to handle them as easy as 1.2.3.

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