Hatha yoga – What can we expect in a yoga class?

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Yoga everywhere. People in the McDonalds Mattresses Ads show clearly yoga. Television characters run on a yoga class. Friends and family have their own yoga carpets and blocks and videos. Local studios open up classes in churches and schools. So everybody seems to be doing yoga, but exactly what are they doing?

The sixha yoga class usually contains three elements: breathing, posture and relaxation. Different types of yoga offer these items with different amounts and different orders, but in most cases always the three will be present in a class. Breathing, which is truly aware of breath and consciousness, is one of the most physically and mentally beneficial aspects of yoga. There are many different types of breathing exercises that create tranquility and balance, others produce energy and heat. These exercises may be unusual and unpleasant at first but allow yourself to simply experience them and come to enjoy them.

Yoga postures are practically endless in variety. The center of the 15-30 posture is most commonly in the classroom. These include separate postures, standing positions, balancing positions, twists and inversions. Body positions can be sequenced in a number of ways, depending on what the class teacher teaches. Different body positions open the hip, lengthen the femurs, stretch the shoulders, strengthen their body, increase the resilience of the spine and even mood. Breathing will also be emphasized during posture between exercise and breathing inhalation and exhalation.

The class is over time for deep relaxation. As you lay on your mattress, the teacher starts the students through a certain relaxation of the body and the mind that silences. You can lie down first because the body is completely relaxed. But as you continue to practice and your body and mind get used to getting rid of it, this time it will be soothing and rejuvenating but it will not sleep. When the relaxation period is completed, it usually sounds like a bell or bell rings, you sit down slowly and rest your legs. Traditionally, the yoga class ends up with OM chanting three times. The OM sound does not make sense in itself, but it is a cosmic vibration. It sounds like the sound Amen.

After class, students feel incredibly relaxed and relaxed, and the body feels comfortable and comfortable. Students reported having a very good night's sleep on the day they took yoga classes, felt better, less hasty and in a good mood. If all this sounds like a high order, look for yourself: sign up for a yoga course. Get a yoga watch once a week for a few months. Look for yourself what yoga can do for you.

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