Hat Yoga strengthens the muscles of the neck

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Maybe you spent the whole day in front of the computer or woke up this morning on the bed. Whatever the reason, you find yourself struggling with a rigid neck. Fortunately, yoga exercises quickly relieve the pain. First, make sure that your rigid neck is not underlined. If pain is fixed or dizzy, it is advisable to seek medical attention. If you do not have these symptoms, the six simple yoga exercises will help strengthen the muscles of your neck and improve your flexibility so you can keep your neck painless.

Shoulder straps Try your shoulders as high as possible and then completely relax. Do five or six repeat exercises. Then move your shoulders five to six times and repeat the exercise backwards. This is a great practice if you feel that the tightness of your neck is in your muscles.

Neck Elongation Sit right on your feet, eyes and breathe. As you exhale, move your chin to your chest. Repeat this five times and hold the breast chest in the fifth breath and breathe your nose three times. Slowly raise your head as you breathe. Then, as you exhale, lower your right ears slowly on your right shoulder and hold it in three breaths. The same should be done for the left ear at the left shoulder.

Half-Circle Rolls Lower chin on his chest. Slowly twist your right shoulder and put it back into your chest. Pull back on your left shoulder and put it back in your chest. Repeat this practice three to five times. Do not try to walk around the head as it may damage your neck.

Heavy Lifts Spread their arms in front of you, parallel to the ground, the palms facing each other without touching. Pull your arms into your head as you breathe and lower them when you exhale. Do four or eight repetitions of practice.

Chest Expander Stand up straight with your feet, hands behind your back, fingers clasped. Inhale deeply and gradually raise your arms behind your back while your fingers are overlapped. Try your tail to make sure it does not go beyond the backs. Keep in this position about 3-4 breaths and slowly lower your arms during the next exhalation.

Head Press Place your palm on your head and simultaneously move it manually and head towards each other. Keep this pose for about ten seconds. Then move your palm to the forehead and the same pushbutton, hold for ten seconds. Then place your right hand on the right side of the head and press down for ten seconds. Repeat the process with your left hand and the left side of the head.

Cervical pain is usually caused by stress and poor posture. Prevention is the most important thing, so be sure to check the post to prevent it from slipping.

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