Guide to the 6 Most Important Yoga Styles for Beginners

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Did the classroom pass through the gym to find good yoga classes to attend? Finding Yoga Yoga can be very confusing. There are many styles to practice, but for beginners, here are some that will help you.

first Ashtanga
This pose is based on ancient practices. It was popularized and introduced in the 1970s to the West. The astanga is the rigid style of yoga, which collects a certain order of certain places. This is similar to vinyasa yoga, as each style has a way to link each motion to a breath. The only difference between the two is that the ashtanga meets the same positions exactly. Get ready for hot, sweaty and physically demanding practice.

2nd Anusara
This kind of yoga was created in 1997. That is why a rookie in the yoga world. It's in the middle, because they think people are full of inner good. Anusara aims to use yoga's physical practice to open their hearts, to experience grace, and to glorify the inner goodness.

3rd Bikram
This yoga style was introduced three decades ago. When you go to a Bikram class, just be prepared to sweat a lot. He must be sweating as if he had never been able to see it when he went to a yoga post. Bikram is very similar to Ashtanga, which always follows the same order.

4th Hatha
Hatha yoga usually repeats all kinds of yoga that teach the position of teachers. Almost all of the yoga classes taught in the western region are sixha yoga. After a class of sixha yoga, it basically means gently presenting the most basic yoga positions. Unlike bikram, he does not leave the goddamn class sweating. But at the end of the class, you are ready to feel longer, relaxed, and relaxed.

5th Iyenga
Iyengar is another special yoga. This is a meticulous one, paying the greatest attention to finding the correct setting in a pose. Well, there's not much jumping in this class so the ratio will not get up. But you will find yourself physically and mentally challenging for you. If you want to become a iyengar teacher, you need to undergo comprehensive training.

6th Vinyasa
Vinyasa is the Sanskrit word for "flow". Its classes are known for their fluid, moving and intestinal practices. Vinyasa watches often play music to keep the environment vivid. This yoga style has an intensity similar to ashtanga.

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