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Here is 4:30 and I'm writing this article to read. But why? request. Here is my lame answer – because I care about you! Well, that's true. So we do not know each other – but in the way we do it. Both of us have a common story that is sparked with hopes and dreams, work and entertainment, struggles, successes, failures, and both are a complete and healthy life. And we care about our loved ones and we want them the best. That's all right, is not it? Why not care about each other?

And although we do not know each other personally, we're both in the same boat – we want to be healthy and we do not get these crazy illnesses that cause us all around us – we know about heart disease, cancer, diabetes and a range of autoimmune diseases, like arthritis, lupus and Crohn, and more and more.

Yes, I'm really interested, it's best for you. And even better, I think I can help – when it comes to these diseases. How can you think? Well, I've discovered some incredible health and survival news that you just have to know. And most of the morning I get up to 4:30 to do this – I hope you know this is very important.

Here's the thin one. The last Christmas when I was with my wife in my brother's home in Hawaii, my brother Dennis and his wife shared some wonderful news with me and my wife, Diana – the changing fact of life that since we heard our lives better and better became much better !

The news was shared in a video – Eating. We all watched together. This is about the direct causal relationship that we eat and the state of our health. He explained that when we usually consume certain foods, foods that overwhelm our body's immune systems slowly develop illnesses over a year, diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

But he explained that when they eat those that strengthen our immune system, most of our bodies block the disease and we do not even get sick. It's an incredible, disease-free, powerful life in the 90's and beyond. And the video documented why and how it was done, with scientific explanations and numerous reports that had terrible illnesses and who turned them and beat them, changed what they ate. He felt in 1000 percent sense.

As I watched the video – you must see – I was amazed at what I saw and learned about the causes of these illnesses and that it was not something mysterious evil genes that would surpass our bodies from the outside. And the consequences were thrilling. The DVD made it clear that without my own health I got to know it and saw how and why it was happening. And I saw that in my own hands this shocking power to create your own health and prevent and eliminate the illness. My life is literally under my control. That day I was committed to becoming an expert in this, and to share this vast information far and wide, and this commitment and many early morning work has become a lifelong mission to me.

I was watching the DVD, I asked myself why I have not heard this information yet? She was always a healthy nuts. I started searching for over 20 years ago when I read Know Your Nutrition . But why did not I find this information? Why did not I ever read that someone told me that? But a bigger question was why we did not hear this information from the medical community, and if they really wanted to end cancer and heart disease, they shouted on the rooftops. This information can end most illnesses.

The answer became obvious, the more I thought about it. They do not want us to know because they are not self-interest. If we all go well, they do not need them. Their business seems to produce illness when it gives us things that go in the arms and legs, but it just gets sick and gets worse. But we have no time for this debate.

The really, very sad thing is that they did not tell us, and I think they will never tell us. Personally, I think it's a criminal. Think of those people who lived in fear and pain, and soon died, so unnecessarily. The list of my family and friends will be longer every year.

So at 4:30 I get up to research, write articles and books, make videos, all with the aim of delivering this great news to you and thousands of other people like us.

You may have heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis or one of the more than 100 autoimmune diseases. I hope not! But if so, this is great, great news for you. The research clearly shows that all of these are caused by the consumption of standard American diet (SAD diet). If you do not have them, then eat what more than 90% of Americans are eating. If this is your diet, one or more of these diseases are already growing in you. They grow slowly and quietly for years until they endure their fatal symptoms in their faces.

And your parents, children, friends, and colleagues will get these diseases if they eat the diet. This information can also save your health and life.

I wanted to share this important information with you. I have over 5000 important articles and videos about meals, nutrition, all illnesses, recipe, etc. Most of them are free. It's a lifetime, not a business. And now you have a mission – to learn how to prevent and reverse these illnesses yourself and your loved ones and pass this great news. Now it's life-saving and health-generating!

Terry "Up at 4:30 pm to help us get all out of the truth – Incredible Health for Everyone" Kent, 19659002 Founder and Host of the Health and Nutrition Center

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