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Many people are happy to eat. Meals allow you to join your family and friends in a pleasant environment. This relationship creates pleasant memories. In social situations, it is easy for people to make food choices that can not lead to good health.

The physiological need of hunger. Appetite is a psychological desire for food. When the body indicates hunger, this indicates that the blood sugar level decreases, which energizes the body. If you ignore the signal and hunger will be intense, you may have to make bad food choices. The choices you choose will determine their nutritional status. A person who regularly decides to eat or not eat as a way of overcoming the emotional struggle of life suffers from anorexia.

If the food is tasted, the body has to process it before it can be used. Nutrients are the result of processes in which the body imports and uses foods to preserve growth, development and health. These processes include digestion, absorption and metabolism. Nutrition determines the individual's height and weight. Nutrition can also affect the body's ability to withstand disease, life, physical and mental well-being.

Good nutrition enhances appearance and is generally exemplified by shiny hair, clear skin, clean eyes, posture, warning expressions, and solid bodies in well-developed bone structures. Good nutrition also contributes to emotional corrections, helps endurance and healthy appetite. It helps to create regular sleep and abolition habits. Contributing to healthy habits will lead in the right direction.

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