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So, what's new you do not know anymore? Think again! This is not what you know, which is important, but there is a-so-alert, that is. Keep an eye and eye open so as not to interfere with your normal health. Well, take your diet and critically scan it again. Do you eat the right foods? And Healthy Diet

From the very beginning, we accept that healthy eating is not just good food. Daily nutrients and calories change to the individual according to their needs. An athlete and a seated man have different requirements for nutrients and calories as they burn various amounts of material. It also depends on your age and your body weight.

The USDA has compiled the required calorie table for Americans in 2005, which is here for you.

If you consume less than 1800 calories and you are a teen, then think that we raise it by at least 2000 every day. Now, where do you get these many calories and how do you calculate the calorific value of your food? And what other nutrients do you need?

I'm not going to give boring data under the name fantasy. In short, the USDA has also prepared a spreadsheet that mentions what to eat to get these many calories. And that's what's called the food-grade pyramid. You just have to make a small calculation to balance your diet.

Up to 5 Serves of Vegetables

Up to Four Served Fruit

Three Milk Dishes

Up 11 Pasta, Cereals and Bread

Two or Three Servings of Meat (Red and White), Eggs,

Very low fats and sweets

So, how much should you handle a service? Let's see what the USDA needs to say. One serving of grain is a slice of bread, an ounce of grain, half a cup of boiled rice and vegetables each, a glass of juice and milk and 2 to 3 ounces of lean meat, one and a half cup of boiled beans (Omi … so much!)

Additives or preservatives are strictly regulated by the FDA. Manufacturers will provide evidence before the authorization to the FDA, the proven benefits and any adverse effects of new additives. The most important criterion for approval is that additives can not cause cancer or heart disease.

SNAC – S T U S T U S T U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U U Q U S According to the estimates, the additives account for about 1% of your total food supply. Of which 98% sugar, salt, pepper, mustard, corn syrup, citric acid and baking soda. Preservatives such as calcium propionate are used to prolong the shelf life of the bread. But wait a minute. Beware of preservatives such as saccharin, sodium nitrate, acesulfamide K, BHA and BHT. It is known to cause cancer.

Contradictions about additives do not have to worry if they have been particularly cautious. This is not something that none of the Americans do. It's a good way to know more about additives and use more fresh or processed processed foods. In addition, tracing of the additives helps to minimize the exposure to the particular additives.

Worth to be a little careful when buying vegetables or fruits. Better fresh season to buy. Find bruises, scratches or cuts on the plant skin. These cuts and bruises keep microbes that spoil foods very quickly. Buy it if you want to recharge your refrigerator. Most fruits and vegetables have a shelf life of 4 to 5 days.

Where was this food poisoning land now? Or any body deliberately …? Well. Vegetables and fruits have high health protection values. However, they are accidentally infected in the economy or on the market and during transport. Bacteria and the virus come from the environment and from the soil. And then there are pesticide residues. You never know if you do not get your health because of any of these. Carefully handle this problem. No special cleaning agents are needed to wash foods. For vegetables and fruits use 10% soap solution before washing in cold water. You know, running in the water will effectively remove 90% of the bacteria. Thus, washing will remove contaminants and bacteria twice. You can also use a mild detergent / brush with soap solution for cleaning. Take care not to damage your food. Some experts recommend potassium permanganate to the soap solution. But it leaves its characteristic odor.

Never forget to clean any surface on which you prepare your meals. Warm soapy water or whitening water (1 teaspoon whitening powder per liter of water) kills the most famous culinary bacteria. Then double the grill before and after use. Dry it before using it. Do not forget to wash your hands before handling clean meals now, and every time you use a toilet, sneeze or cough, clean a table etc. Use paper disposable towels to clean your hands, not clothing. This ensures maximum security by eliminating recycling opportunities.

Finally, the baking sheet you use determines how healthy it is. When using PVC, the acrylic board will have a smooth and non-porous surface when new. There is no scratching or cutting. As they are used, scratches appear on the surface and can hold plant particles and microbes are beginning to develop. This can not be completely washed since the scratches are smaller than most of the brushes. Healthcare professionals recommend maple wood saw blades. Maple is less porous than most wood, very hard and known to have antibacterial properties. Wash with hot water with a bleach and bend it. It is a good idea to oil twice a month (odorless vegetable oil or mineral oil).

The secret lies in not leaving anything to fate, but keeping an eye on potential health risks. Vigilance can only keep you fit, slimmer and more than anything else – healthy. Desires "Happy Meal"

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