Frequently asked questions about yoga postures and classes

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Yoga can be overwhelming both for insiders and outsiders. There are so many details, poses and shades that it can be difficult, especially when you have a question about a pose or a detail. Here are some questions and answers about yoga that are asked every day. I hope you find it useful:

Q: How do I know if I'm doing a job right?

A: Yoga is usually an individual sport. By that I mean yoga in your mind or within yourself. So each and every pose may look different from you. That's okay, and that's what yoga is.

This means that if you are a mere sore, you will do bad. Never give up a pain-causing report – set yourself up, so it's not painful or you just do a different, good feeling. Your body will tell you if you did it right.

Q: I like yoga to behave better than others. Why is that?

A: Every time we go to the carpet, we are mentally in another place. We are never totally in a mental state every time we step on the mattress. When you are in the post, ask yourself, "Why are you now in my posture?" Sometimes you may be stubborn emotion, old injury, anxiety, or anything else.

Since yoga places great emphasis on mental and physical strength, these elements are united and sometimes cause stress. If posture is too much, get out or change, it makes you feel more comfortable. Be sure to inhale all the time and soften the area causing unpleasant feelings or stress.

Q: It's hard for me to focus on yoga practice. How can I stop this?

A: Particularly during the first few yoga sessions, it is difficult to stop thinking about doing tasks or thinking about other "busy" thoughts. This is very normal and exactly yoga helps fight. If you have such thoughts, just recognize it and leave it. Do not be angry with your thoughts. Over the years we have been prepared to keep thinking. Yoga is the place where you do not have to think – just at this moment.

Another great way to concentrate on moving your mind is to breathe. Keep long, deep breaths over and over and focus on this breath. In addition to something you concentrate on, you get more and more oxygen in your blood and brain that can help you relax.

Q: How do I know if I'm a yoga?

A: Yoga is not a place to go. There is no advanced level to reach the yoga goal. Yoga benefits are more relaxed, balanced and reassuring soul, body and spirit. Do not push yourself unless you want. Each time you go to your yoga mat, you will have another experience. If you want to have yang posture someday and want to make a relaxing yin posture the next day, that's fine! Do not review Yoga, just be present and concentrate on your breathing to offer all yoga. [19:459004] Always go to the bathroom in the middle of yoga practice. How can I stop this?

A: There are some things we can do to reduce the need to go to the bathroom in the middle of yoga practice. First you can try to reduce fluid intake before yoga. Or you can only accept and go to the bathroom while still concentrating on your breathing to keep "yoga humming". No matter how you deal with this, always make sure there is always water in your hands so you will not be anhydrous. If you do not get enough water during yoga practice, your body does not respond well. It's better to take a break from the bathroom in yoga practice than to dry it out.

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