Forgiveness of the Ascendant Lord

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The Ascendant is the first house in the horoscope, and the other houses count on it. It indicates its native appearance, character and temperament. The ascendant's lord / house indicates his native vitality, strength and tendency, his natural tendencies and personality are judged from this house.

The planets are in a state of weakness when they occupy a special signal and do not protect / promote the specific characteristics in their state of being, they are in the state of alleged restlessness.

The ascendant's lord plays a very important role in judging his physical, mental and emotional abilities, thus weakened; they are not able to produce the results they expect.

The results of the uplifting Lord's appreciation for various emerging signs are as follows:

  • Mars is in ascending and in the 8th house, in House 4, as a sign of weakness.
  • Indicates rash and aggressive behavior. Native quickly loses strength, indicating lack of strength and courage.
  • Because of their impulsive nature, they start working lightning fast and crash.
  • Native prone to frequent injuries and accidents, especially the head. The surgery is often recommended. The risk of suffocation and bite of poisonous beings
  • Native suffering from headache, chest pain, hypertension, burns, inflammatory diseases, brain illness, migraine, small pox, malaria, thrombosis, etc. .
  • Differences in mother are displayed, loss of property, delivery and suffering for normal delivery, termination or suspension of employment, loss of litigation and loss of mass support.
  • for the occupation / carrier as the tenth house, the house of the exaltation.


  • Venus Moves to Emergency and Sixth House in House of Unrest 5th House
  • With indigenous nation-minded means earning extra marriages , Sexual Benefits, Loss of Speculations, and Divorce From Children to Prison Malignant
  • Frequent suffering from tonsils, diphtheria and pyorrhoea, acne on the face, eyelid and constipation. Returning from the disease is usually very slow
  • This Venus's position is favorable in terms of income as it affects the 11th house, the home of the exorcism.


  • Mercury is emerging and fourth in the 10th house in the humiliating sign.
  • The indigenous will be a thoughtful, clever, cunning, spectacular man, reckless and bad behavior. ] Aboriginal lying lies or deceiving others for their beneficial effects and making mistakes due to their constant mood swings because of their fast action and conscience
  • Indigenous people will face many obstacles in their professional life and the art of craftsmanship is missing in every subject. Obstacles to the government can be faced.
  • The open gap between the father and the native is faced with scandalous and bad reputation in his professional life because of malicious speech. He is responsible for his own downfall.
  • Native suffer from lung infection, eosinophilia, tuberculosis, pulmonary disease, cold, and may be a defective nervous system. Mercury is the fourth house to mark its exaltation.


  • The Moon as a Fallen Lord Growing
  • Lack of patience and stamina, lack of sensitivity and indolence. The indigenous may have a vague mind and selfish behavior.
  • Differences with children are displayed. Children may be ungrateful, disobedient, disloyal and corrupt.
  • Sometimes the moon and the moon are sometimes the cause of the disease, but there is a tendency to develop a systematic approach to the development of anxiety, depression, and anxiety. the situation is with madness and memory loss.
  • It is a favorable income when the moon likes the 11th house, as a rising master, in the third house, in the state of debility
  • complex, arrogant, bluffing and courageous.
  • The absence of the younger siblings or the difference between them.
  • Indigenous people may suffer from problems of eyes, spine, hearts and bones. Brain infections, gallstones and headache disorders, inflammation, sunlight, dizziness, epilepsy, speech loss, certain disorders due to the special location of the sun
  • . the native, from the point of view of the Sun, is the 9th house, a sign of exaltation.


  • in the 7th House in the Shaggy Sign
  • Loss of business, business or trade, constant betrayal of life and business partners, divorce, fake contracts and agreements, litigation, pending charges, etc.
  • This is the position of mercury that challenges the longevity of a father
  • It causes children's poor state of health or debt related to them
  • Indigenous digestive and intestinal problems, weak nervous system and stomach, confused state of mind
  • Mercury mercury from the perspective of the seventh house is the uplifting Mercury's outstanding sign, a stunning body. ]
    • Venus as the ascendant and master of House 8, in House 12 as a sign of moderation.
    • Brightly enriches luxury and sexual satisfaction so money can easily pass through their hands.
    • An indigenous may have dependency habits.
    • Native susceptible to infectious diseases, kidney, joints, and spinal problems, the uterus and the appendix are affected. Deadly Illness
    • An indigenous man may allow you to make secret lands, schemas and conspiracies.
    • Indicates the illness of life-sick people.
    • He can live in indigenous jail, exile and extradition.
    • From the point of view of Venus, the sixth house, a sign of good humor, which refers to kindness, and maternal uncles
    • Mars is a rising and the Lord of the Fourth House, 19659007] Aborigines may face many obstacles and obstacles through luck and prosperity.

    • They do not care about their religion and their philosophical beliefs.
    • An indigenous person may have permanent damage to the fall, weak heart, acute warts and hypertension, muscular cancer, and so on.
    • The father has a serious illness and his mother's hostility is possible.
    • Mars in this position in the 3rd house, in the house of his exaltation, signifies the brothers and sisters and the brave attit.
    • Sagittarius:

      • Jupiter, like the ascending and the fourth prince, in the second house as a sign of restlessness. 19659007] Indigenous people may have a bad vision, Iraqi, rheumatic pain, fractures, gout and lung disease.
      • They must face non-companionship and shame on their family and relatives. very hot and knockout speech.
      • This position of Jupiter is favorable to native life expectancy.
        • Saturn is the upstairs and the second house lord, the 4th house, the house of restlessness.
        • The native nature of the native.
        • Detection / Disease / Disease Extension to Father
        • Native can be permanent cold, pain in the joints
        • Detection / Disease / Disease Extension to Dad
        • and chest, bone TB, spotted enamel and fluorosis, skin diseases.
        • As Saturn is contemplating in the 10th house, a sign of exaltation, as Saturn as the ascending and the house of the 12th house.
        • house, the third house, the house of the rain.
        • Brownies and Fractures of Brothers and Hands, Toothache, Infectious Diseases, Pancreas, Spinal Problems and ENT
        • Since the aspects of Saturn in House 9, Father's favor is a sign of excellence.


      • Jupiter reigns in ascending and 10th house, placed in the 11th, under signs of debilitating.
      • An indigenous person may have selfish behavior along with addictive tendencies and sour speech.
      • The parent lacks the wife's happiness and companionship,
      • Older brothers may lack.
      • Indigenous jaundice, ankle and legs, heart and liver problems, etc. they may have pains.
      • Since Jupiter is the 5th house, the house of its exaltation shows good schooling and love from younger siblings.

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