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We all felt stress at one time or another; is the feeling when the pulse races and stomach knots are tied? This is stress. Believe it or not, this is a normal answer to a threatening situation. When the situation passes, the body returns to its initial value and does not cause damage. However, when stress can be felt regularly, perhaps due to the high workload or the care of a sick parent, there is little chance of slowing down and replenishing. The constant attack with stress hormones can affect our health and immunity, which leads to a "burned" feeling. It is understandable that this is the time when choosing the most nourishing and health-promoting foods would be ideal, but this is not often the case! When stressed, it is more common to choose foods that "console", but may not feed our nutrition. Sweet, salty and high-fat foods are usually selected foods; not to mention the findings of caffeine to be mentally and physically depleted. These foods provide fast comfort and nutrition, but more often the feeling is short-lived and we feel tired and wired. So what do we do? Luckily, Nature has provided such a large amount of food that supports the body in stressful times; which provides us with the nutrients needed to nourish the body while filling those that are exhausted.

Listed below are the top ten stress wrap foods. All in all, fresh, healthy foods that are the most nourished with minimal processing (food in the shop), such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish. However, my 10 most important stress-reducing meals include extra components that are particularly supportive when they are clamped. In this regard, what we eat is actually. Foods that kill the top 10 stresses contain large amounts of vitamins and minerals that are sometimes exhausted during stress and specifically support the organs that regulate our hormones and make a double task when we feel stressful. Mood-supporting foods are also vital and some of the 10 most important foods provide the most important nutrients that strengthen our own "sensible brain chemistry" for neurotransmitters. Serotonin and dopamine are the two key neurotransmitters in the mood. Choosing the right foods can make a difference between mental alertness and sadness. With a little outlook and design, we can raise food stocks that can relax and reduce stress!

o Salmon

Omega 3 essential fatty acids and amino acid tyrosine, which is one of the building blocks of dopamine, salmon actually packs a stress sting. Not only omega-3s are excellent for heart health but have been shown to enhance mood and reduce anxiety (1), while dopamine is the most important chemical ingredient in better alertness and concentration. Omega 3 can not be made by the body and must come from our diet. Are not fishes fan? Walnut and flaxseed contain a good amount of omega-3 oil.

o Green tea

It's not exactly a food, but it's definitely worth mentioning. Green Tea contains high amino acid L-theanine. L-theanin helps to relax the brain and improve mental alertness, thereby helping people stay alert but relax (2, 3). Green tea is also packed with antioxidants for the added bonus. Try drinking a cup of green tea for a great afternoon.

o Milk

Have you ever had a glass of warm milk before going to bed? Well, it turns out to be a good reason for this. Not only milk is a good source of bone-forming calcium but also amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan plays an important role in the production of serotonin, a soothing and relaxing neurotransmitter, so a glass of milk enhances the feeling of relaxation and tranquility – very good at stressful times. This also applies to Thanksgiving, turkey!

o Spinach

Popeye knew the benefits of spinach eating. Spinach has a stress-reducing effect in the form of folic acid and magnesium. Research has shown that low levels of folic acid may reduce serotonin's sedative levels (4), while mineral magnesium may be too small to cause fatigue and migraine. 1 cup of cooked spinach is good for promoting folic acid and magnesium.

o Brown rice

Brown rice and unprocessed high-fiber carbohydrates are generally slowly absorbed and provide long-term sustainable energy. This is great during stress when it comes to sweet foods, which is usually 30 minutes later, sugar energy crashing. Carbohydrates support the brain in serotonin production but the slower absorption of carbohydrate (eg brown rice), the more stable serotonin can flow. Brown rice also contains inulin, which is a popular diet of healthy bacteria in the intestine. When the body is overtime during stress, immunity is often exhausted. By ensuring the proper food of a happy and healthy indoor environment, we can truly liberate our immunity. 70% of the immune cells are in the gut, so it's important to be healthy. Artichokes, onions and garlic also contain high inulin levels.

or Brazilian walnuts

Brazilian nuts are an excellent source of mineral and antioxidant selenium. In fact, they contain 100 times more selenium than any other mother! Scientists at the Department of Psychology at the University of Wales at Swansea say the lack of selenium can lead to increased anxiety, depression and fatigue. 70 grams of 1 oz (6-8 kernel) daily selenium requirements

o Berries

Some of the best foods come in small packages, and blueberries, blackberries, raspberries are no exception. Fruits rich in antioxidants, manganese and vitamin C are really nutrient-rich. Berries are great for nourishing the immune system during stress. Place them round, enjoy cereals, or pick them up for themselves.

o Asparagus

Many of the liver, kidneys, skin, ligaments, and bones are found in green spaghetti. Asparagus is also high in antioxidant glutathione, which helps liver function at an optimal level. Anything that has a positive effect on the liver, the body's main detoxifying body, has a positive effect on mood and stress management.

o Garlic

Garlic contains a detoxifying agent called allicin, which gives the typical flavor and smell of garlic. If you can get rid of stress-induced toxins, you naturally feel better and become more energetic. Allicin has a strong anti-viral and antifungal effect that is great for the exhausted immune system (5).

o Avocados

Avocados are full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals and multiple antioxidants. Thick, creamy texture can easily satisfy crazy meals. A good source of potassium is an important antihypertensive mineral, as well as copper and iron. Red blood cell regeneration and prevention of nutrition anemia require copper and red blood cells – One of the common causes of fatigue and the inability to effectively treat stress

For the sake of optimal health and longevity, nutrition is based on the consumption of fresh and unprocessed foods as often as possible . But remember that STRESSED is back in the DESSERTS, which warns us that choosing our foods can not be stressful too! Enjoy!


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