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The nails are protective horns at the end of the most sensitive limbs: fingers and

toes. They can often be hurt by accident or weight loss, for example

is a difficult walk or run. They can also infect bacteria or mushrooms

infections, and distinct from nail bed or rough weather.

Nails often reflect our general health or nutritional deficiencies. Some

o Iron / protein / calcium deficiency = fragile, concave, ribbed, white crescent

o too much salt = external fibrous growth

o o nervous / hyperthyroidism = nasal secretion

o breathing difficulties = discoloration

o Bronchitis = yellowish discolouration

o Anemia = faint nail beds

o Vitamin A deficiency = 19659002 o Zinc deficiency = weak nail growth

o Vegetable quality lack of oils = thin, fragile nails

o Consumption extreme in nutrition (especially meat and refined foods)


What we eat is actually affecting the appearance of these outer portions

organs. Start to pay attention to your hands (and feet), and nourish your body.

Food consumed in our body affects the health of our nails, but that does not mean that

completely ignores the food we put on the body. Unlike many fabulous

smart marketing campaigns do not have to spend much money chemically

enhanced products that experience their strength and beauty from the outside.

Natural oil is an excellent way to control your finger's outer condition,

nails. Different oils have different effects on the body. Great way to determine what oil is

would match your body, you should best examine your inheritance and join the

is predominantly oil in that part of the world.

After determining what is best for the needs of a given organization

tonight to take a "nail bath" (remember … the skin is our most

absorbent organ …)

1. Let your nails soak in a small bowl with oil or gently rub the oil into my nail

2. Cover with cotton gloves, cotton socks

3. Sleep

The Best Three Oil to Handle Your Angle Right

1. Coconut oil: one of the few plant sources of lauric acid. This medium

chain fatty acid found in human breast milk enhances brain function and

immune system

2. Palm kernel: if unrefined, this high saturation oil is one of the most stable

contains oils that provide strength and ultimate saturation on the skin. Olive oil: the most stable vegetable oil, high in vitamin E, supports the

liver and gall bladder (yes, no matter how it gets into the body).

Take a moment and think that these chemically enhanced skin and nails

Products Affect Your Body …

Energy and Success, Heather

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