Fighting childhood obesity with healthy foods: the issue of fruits and vegetables!

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I want you to imagine a class of 25 twelve-year-old students. Study the classroom and see children who are future designers, editors, lawyers, and more. Now, in the United States, there are more than 17 students in this classroom across the country in the initial stages of consolidating contracts!

This is a shocking statement; I know. However, it was discovered by Bogalusa Heart Study. 70% of the examined children had the arteries hardened until they were 12 years of age. Impossible to say? Unfortunately, no, but consider what future children are going to develop such catastrophic illnesses in such a young age?

As a teacher I see every day that students spend everyday drinks with sugar, candies and muffins that waste everything but food. Simply put, the lack of nutrition in our children's diets in this country is increasingly occurring.

As adults, we must step up and find ways to reverse the deadlock so they have many children. Just to tell you how difficult it is to change patterns learned in early life. To reflect this, the International Obesity Journal says that today not only one in four children are obese, but 50% of these children turn into obese adults.

How are we doing this so that our children's age can be healthy and productive? Well, that's simple. Our children need a diet that is conducive to their growth. Hey, even our government has figured it out. After billions of dollars have been devoted to curing various diseases, the government learned that it is much easier to prevent disease than to cure them. That is why the USDA has begun the "Choose My Plate" campaign, which is aimed at Americans to spend half of the plates with fruits and vegetables.

Ok. I understand. We, adults, know that we are supposed to be making healthy choices, but sometimes we do not follow our own advice. So we teach our children about nutrition and hope that they make informed choices, but what if not. What if you do not see it stop in the car cake or fast food restaurant?

Would not it be good to know that your child receives the fruits and vegetables daily in their diet? Would not it be good to know that you do not have to fight them with foods that help them get stronger and be in good physical shape?

Well, that's right.

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