Erectile dysfunction and nutrition – 8 The surprising effects of honey

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If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you will be amazed at the effects your poison can exert on sexual well-being. Honey is always connected to love and sex, and finds an important place in literature. It is mentioned in the Bible and was known as an aphrodisiac at 500BC. Hippocrates, one of the greatest figures in medical history, was known to have sex with you. The Kama sutra, an ancient Indian work in sex life, praises the benefits of honey. This has long been a traditional part of Indian weddings, and even today the groom is often offered honey to enhance his stamina. Avicenna, a great Persian physician in the 11th century, considered honey to "eat food, drink drinks and drugs" and to mix honey with a taste and pepper as a sexual stimulant.

The word "honeysuckles" comes from an old Viking tradition in which newborns call a daily cup of honey wine (honey) in the first month of marriage. The Vikings believed that honey was a fertility enhancer and parasite.

And there seems to be scientific basis for the idea that honey is good for sex. Research has shown that a 3-dose uterus can increase blood nitric oxide levels up to 50%. Nitrogen oxide is a chemical that is liberated under alertness and is responsible for dilating the blood vessels in the penis. When the tissues expand or relax, this increases blood flow to the penis, causing an erection.

Honey is used by many people over the years as a general tonic or medicine. The ayurveda system is abundantly used in all its pharmaceutical formulations. Honey, if properly used or combined with other foods, can promote body tissue growth and regeneration, and can even strengthen a healthy body. Because it contains many antioxidants, it is essential for our overall health. In addition, the following have positive effects on our sexual health: [honey] has the most powerful aphrodisiac to improve sexual life as bees collect nectar from aphrodisiac flowers such as jasmine, orchids, or veins.

2) Clean and unheated honey is a mild natural sexual stimulant, as it contains many substances such as zinc, vitamins B and E, which promote virility and reproductive health. It is also easy to metabolize and because it is sugar, our body is constantly high in energy.

3) Honey vitamins also increase testosterone production, while boron helps honey in the body's use of estrogen, which is important for sexual excitement.

4) Regular mixing of honey and ground garlic has a stimulating effect on bedtime, which increases sexual stamina and pleasure [19595009] 5) Honey was found to be a spermatozoa. This is a lasting cure for men with low sperm count problems. You can increase your sperm count from zero to 60 mg in fertility. Regular intake of honey can increase sperm production and sperm quality and agility. 6) Honey mixed with cooked onion soup (two tablespoons, at least 2 months a day) helps to fight weak muscles. [1959] 7) South ukrainian home remedies suggest that gingerbread or garlic juice and raw eggs mixed honey every night increases sexual chastity. ] 8) Researchers suggest that certain properties in honey may increase testosterone levels in men, which in turn increases libido

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