Emotional freedom with yoga

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When weather and seasons change, we often feel our bodies. If the exterior is colder, we feel that we are better and stiff. When we feel warmer, more open and flexible. But during this transition period, where more rain or flowers are opening up, there may be energy and emotions stuck in the heart and hip that must and should be around! All you need is a yoga mat, an amplifier and a yogurt to get yourself ready for spring cleaning.

Our heart is the emotional center of love, joy, thanksgiving and peace. However, when we suppress our emotions, they often get jammed into the hip. And when we go to yoga mats – we feel it! Here are two poses that you can do emotionally today.

Gomukhasana / Cow Face Pose

Here we open the hips and hearts. Begin by tearing the left leg into the lower right part of the knees to tighten together. If this is not convenient, simply cross your feet or pin up your hip.

Root your bones to the ground and touch your right arm and leave your arm behind. Tap your hand behind him or screw it to his belt for help. Take 5 deep breaths here and then move forward and hold another 5 to 10 breaths.

Recovering Pigeon Pose / Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana

Moving from Gomukhasana, reversing the right leg and moving the hip so that it is rectangular. Make sure the first leg is off from the outside so your knee looks at the left front corner of the mattress. In a deep, supportive variation, place under the hip and support one in front of one.

Straighten your hind legs and drag your back long by inhalation. As she exhales, she leans forward slowly. Pull up your trunk and guide the support and give it a nice hug. Exhale all the stress and old, poisonous thoughts and feelings. Breathe deep into your hip. Let yourself sink to surrender to the supported dove. Stay 2 minutes.

Active Pigeon Position

If you want a more dynamic pigeon position, try the full variation. Under the hip you can always use a support under the hip. Set the legs in the same position. Hold your torso this time vertically and open your right leg with your right hand. Turn your arm so that your elbows point toward the sky and bring your feet closer to your head, then back to the other arm

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