Eight Steps to Raja Yoga

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We know there is a series of raja yoga, the eight sections that Yama, Niyama, asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana lead to last stage, samadhi. But how many people followed this series honestly? How many people are trying to involve Yam and Niyama in our lives? Very few – one hand fingers can count. We believe that Yamas and Niyamas are the moral aspects of yoga that do not affect us because we are different. Let's start with asana and pranayama practice because it's good for the body. The body emits energy and becomes more flexible.

After practicing asan and pranayama, we say, "All right, I will practice dhyana now." We have been in a meditative state to create certain images, fantasies and ideas about what the dhyana is or how we can practice it. We leave the practice of Pratyahara and Dharana. Only in difficult times when I thought we could not meditate at all, we would rely on the practices of Dharana and pratyahara. Then we ask someone, "Look, I can not concentrate properly. How can I solve this problem? This person tells us to practice the treaty to create concentration and then let the dhyana practice go back to dharana to begin the

After a while, we say to ourselves: "Well, I practiced the treat for a month. No more exercise, I will return to dhyana. When we begin to meditate, we are once again faced with our negative and positive aspects, our desire and our dislike, strength and weakness, which create new movement. When faced with our weakness, we tell ourselves that I do not understand why I have felt these results in my meditation. You feel good, but every time I feel depressed. I do not know why I did not have a good experience in my meditation, others have such a good experience …

After consulting with someone who says, "Look, if you experience such problems in your practice, you will have to go back to pratyahara practice. mouna, antar darshan or hamsa dhyana, and see what's happening in you. After you understand better what is happening and we are able to cope with your emotions, feelings and thoughts, you go to the practice of dhyana. "Then we went back to the pratyahara.

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