Don't eat five kinds of food

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Many people think that fruits and vegetables have much nutrients in the epidermis, so they tend to peel the fruits and vegetables. Rarely, however, do they realize that some fruit and vegetable peel contains some harmful substances that can easily lead to disease or food poisoning. As a result, we must avoid eating the fruits of these fruits and vegetables.

First, the potato shells

The potato shell contains "glycalkaloids", which lead to food poisoning in the body, accumulating in a certain amount. Because it is a kind of chronic poisoning, so the symptoms are not very obvious. As a result, people are often neglected.

Second, sweet potato peel

The sweet potato peel contains a large amount of alkali, so it eats too much of the gastrointestinal discomfort. If there are brown and dark brown spots on the sweet potato shells, it indicates that the sweet potato has been infected with "alternaria brassicicola", which produces "sweet potato ketone" and "sweet potato ketone". When these two substances enter the human body, they can damage the liver and cause poisoning. Mild poisoning can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. But if it is severe then high fever, headache, asthma, seizures, coma and even death can lead

Third, persimmon

When persimmon is immature, tannonic acid contains primarily persimmon; while persimmon is mature, tannin acid is concentrated in the persimmon shell. Once the tannic acid enters the human body, it reacts chemically with the protein in the food to produce gastric acid and produces the sediment – persimmon, which can lead to many diseases

. , ginkgo shell

Ginkgo shell contains some toxic substances such as "ginkgolic acid", "hydrogenated ginkgolic acid", "ginkgo alcohol" and so on. When these substances enter the human body, they damage the central nervous system and cause poisoning. In addition, it is not appropriate to consume too much cooked ginkgo pulp at the same time

Fifth, chestnut peel

The chestnut grows in the paddy area in general, so the peel can collect many harmful and toxic waste and chemicals. In addition, the chestnut shell contains many parasites. If the uncleaned chestnut is eaten, it can cause illness and damage the body.

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