Do not drink milk as water

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In some cases, milk drinks water, especially when it is thirsty and there is no water. This is because 90% of the milk is water. Water is the first most important nutrient for humans. If your body loses more than 2% water, the body's function will be affected. If there is no water supply for several days, people may lose their lives. Therefore, if water is not available, milk is the choice.

But water can drink as much as we can. But we couldn't drink any milk we could. With the exception of water, milk still contains fat, protein, sugar and calcium. These products limit the acceptable daily intake. So milk should not be drink indefinitely.

In general, people think that milk is high in nutrition. So it's good to have a lot. There is a misunderstanding. Nutrition is thought to be the content and quality of certain nutrients. But in fact, nutrition refers to the rational formulation of the quantity and type of food. This does not mean that protein, vitamin, calcium, zinc and so on together are high nutrition. Cereals, vegetables, meat, eggs and beans, and so on. These are our daily diets. Therefore, the use of milk as water destroys the balance.

In addition, protein and fat in milk are about 3%, sugar 5% and calcium 1 1. If a person needs to drink 1.2 liters of water a day, calcium is surpassed. Fat and energy are a bit more. This can easily cause obesity. That is why Westerners are choosing lean milk. As far as the other nutrition of milk is concerned, we can supply other foods that we eat every day.

Third, high protein, high fat content and high energy is one of diabetes, tumor and brain and vascular disease. As a result, some scientists do not think that drinking water is like some Western people. They even suggest that they do not drink milk, which is certainly not acceptable and acceptable.

In one word, we drink daily milk to get calcium for our body. When we run out of water, we can use it as an institution. It is not recommended to drink too much milk for a long time instead of water. Does not give high or rational food. Instead, it can cause damage to your body.

Finally, let me know your lovers or family members because they drink milk. So they know how they will choose and will do their best to protect their bodies. This is a little Christmas gift you give.

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