Different poses of yoga

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Yoga is usually a useful way to stay healthy during spiritual updating. Although exercising a traditional yoga position can be complicated and needs great attention, a person may not need to sweat. There are many yoga that are easy to learn and have significant health benefits.

Necessary Things

Pleasant clothes, yoga mats and enough floor space are required to spread arms and legs and carry out handwork. Yoga penetration can be fun and you don't have to worry about slipping, falling or strange sounds.

Different Yoga Situations

Some Yoga Positions in Sukhasana or Comfort Seat, Dogs, Uttanasana or Standing and Bending Positions, Tree Pose, Cat Position, Child Pose and Savasana or Body . pose.

While sitting on a yoga mat, comfortably sitting in a leg wing position is Sukhasana. It lies from bottom to bottom, so it is firmly in contact with the floor. Lift your head straight, rest your palms on your thighs, close your eyes, and deep in your breath. Place one hand firmly on your belly. Feel your belly when you inhale and compress as you exhale. Give a few seconds to get used to meditation and open your eyes.

Align the position of the downward dog with the carpet and push your fingers to remove the load from the wrist. Pull up your toes and bend your knees slowly, lift your hips. As she strokes her legs and pulls her soles towards the floor, stretch her shoulder blades behind your back and put her soul on the floor. Continue your fingers while breathing.

From the downwardly facing dog coat, the leg is cut to the front of the carpet to begin the position of Uttanasana. Hold your upper body over your leg and grab the opposite elbow. This allows your weight to spread from your hips. Then release your hand and stand up and let your head come for the last time.

For tree reports, start your weight on the left corner. Raise your toes and adjust your feet to the ground. Pull your right knee up to your chest and place your right foot sole on the left inner thigh. Pull off the tailstone to keep the abdomen in the middle. Then take your hand to Anjali Mudra or pray in your heart and focus your eyes on one point.

Continuous movement of the spine as he sees during breathing that there is a gap between the vertebrae when throwing your head. Then put the tail bundle and blow your navel towards the spell to perform the cat position. This position also heats the backbone and tries to breathe and then raises the eye upwards.

Meanwhile, the child pose on his knees, under your feet. Expand your knees and touch your toes. Simplify your arms on your back and place your hands in the corner. Bend your forehead forward to the floor.

Making a Savasana, put a blanket under your knees. Then slowly lie down and open your hands and lift them up. Let your feet just fall off the sides. Sit down for five minutes and turn to your side to return to a separate position. Fold down the floor to close the yoga exercise.

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