Diet in the Disease

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During the diet you can have breakfast with fresh fruits, lunch with crisp vegetables with acidic and sub acidic fruits, and crunchy and boiled vegetables or light starchy vegetables such as beets, carrots, cauliflower, plants and fats. Sweet fruits can be added to the diet after seven days.

Foods are classified as acidic or alkaline, depending on the reactions

in urine. Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium in foods contribute to the alkaline

while sulfur, phosphorus and chlorine contribute to the acidic effect. Depending on

pre dominant constituents in a given food are classified as acidic or acidic

Alkaline Formation.

The effect of food on the alkalinity of the blood depends on what residues it contains

leaves the body after oxidation. We can assume a fault because a

the food gives the acid an acidic reaction in the blood. For example, fruits and vegetables

organic acids combined with soda and potassium in the form of acidic salts. When the acids are

is burned or used in the body, alkaline soda or potash is missed. So the

Natural fruit acids reduce it rather than increase the alkalinity of the blood.

Based on the above observations, the following tables show common foods for acidic and

A – Foods leaving acid ash

(one-fifth grade)

Barley eggs

Bananas (sharp) grains

Bab lenses

19659002] Cereals Nuts, (19659002) Carrot Pear

Carrot Pear

Carrot Pear

Carrot Pear

Carrot Pear

Carrot Pear

Carrot Pear

Carrot Pear

Carrot Pear

19659002] Carrot Pears

19659002] Grape Potatoes

Grape Tomatoes

Citric Potatoes

Coconut Pumpkins

Vegetable Cheese Radishes

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