Diet for treating diarrhea

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Constipation and hemorrhoids

Bright red rectal bleeding, which is not mixed with stool, is usually the initial symptom of mucous membranes (or Hemmroids, generally badly spelled). Prolapse occurs only with the first release and spontaneously decreases. Persistent itching is a symptom of hemorrhoids. Pain occurs only when acute attack of inflammation and edema occurs or when there is simultaneous injury as a crack. Many observations confirm the direct link between meals and gold ores. Rarely, in fact, this disease occurs in countries where diet is high in fiber and low levels of refined foods. Constipation is an important constituent of mucous membranes because it increases the pancreas pressure and prevents venous return as a result of increased bowel movements. In addition, increased pressure increases pelvic congestion, which can weaken the veins wall and promote the formation of hemorrhoids.

Ultimately, fiber-rich nutrition is the most effective way to prevent hemorrhoids. Whole Grains, Legumes, Vegetables and Fruits Promote Peristalsis of the Gut

Many of the fibers attract water and stools are soft and thick and easy to pass.

Vegetables and Fruits also contain a lot of nutrients, Veins are particularly important for bioflavonoids , vitamins A, C, E, B and zinc vitamins. Citrus fruits, strawberries, currants, broccoli, sprouts, watermelons and spinach contain vitamins C, whole grain and brewer's yeast. , while zinc is present in oats, oily seeds, wheat, buckwheat, hazelnuts, almonds, peas, parsley, garlic and carrots.

For hemorrhoids, there must be balance between the liver and the spleen, two organs that contribute to the health of the vessels and thus the hemorrhoidal plexus. If the energy of the spleen is weak, it does not nourish the connective tissue and as a consequence the veins are easily depleted. It is therefore important to avoid sugar and refined foods (the spleen is in fact suffering from too much sugar, nourishes and balances the consumption of cereals), fatty foods and over-heaters such as sausages, red meat, milk, cheese, chocolate and coffee. We need to reduce the consumption of meat, or alternatively substitute red onion on white onions, or even more prefer fish and shells as protein sources. In order to avoid overloading the liver, we should also favor green vegetables and reduce the consumption of Solanaceae, including tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.

Miso, seaweed and mochi

Foods suggested by certain macrobiotic substances can play an effective role in the prevention of hemorrhoids. Vices are especially good for miso made from fermented soybean and barley, rice or wheat. Miso is a salty flavor, especially soups used as a spice. In addition to cleansing the liver and improving blood circulation, it restores the intestinal flora and is used for constipation and absorption. Due to the properties of the alkalizing agent, it is indicated for diseases such as arthritis and ultimately energy stimulates the kidneys, thereby improving overall sound. Although algae are an excellent food for treating hemorrhoids. For the legumes and cereals, they add internal heat and improve the peristalsis of the intestine thanks to the mucous membrane that attracts water and protects the intestinal mucosa. Especially combi is good in gut, while wakame is best in the liver. The first is for cooked vegetables, the second is for soups. Another very fit food that strengthens the spleen (especially good and tonic) by Mochi. These sweet cakes of sweet rice that can be heated at low temperatures

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