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Many patients with ulcerative colitis have tried prescription drugs and often have surgery to overcome their illness. In most cases, medical treatments only serve to suppress the symptoms for some time. But since they do not cure the causes of colitis, it is almost impossible to cure medical methods.

Ulcerative colitis is usually caused by one or more of the following factors that synergistically combine the onset of the disease. If you go back over your own personal health history, I think you will find the following adverse events that have, alone or in combination, prevented the health of the intestine and the immune system: – Antibiotic therapy that is not followed by full-spectrum probiotic therapy that causes permanent and pernicious damage to the bacterial flora of the gastrointestinal tract (oral anusra), which is yeast, parasites, viruses, bad bacteria and other pathogens. These pathogens break down lining of the mucous membrane and damage the intestinal wall (symptoms include bloating, gas, inflammation, bleeding, etc.) leading to Rainbow Gut Syndrome, which then causes an allergic and autoimmune response. Certain antibiotic agents alone (eg Novo Clindamycin) may cause ulcerative colitis, and medication information associated with these medications may even make specific warnings. Doctors still prescribe them and do not follow the use of probiotics.

  • Environmental and food-derived toxins – preservatives, monosodium glutamate (MSG), artificial sweeteners and flavors, nitrites and other proven toxins and carcinogens, microwave dishes, toxins, furniture, carpets and air (indicating a few sources) cause both cellular and systemic damage.
  • Vaccination – childhood, adult, flu vaccines, etc. It causes direct damage to intestinal bacterial flora and long-term damage to the immune system. See my article: "Should the child be vaccinated?" for details and scientific references. Emotional Trauma or Abuse – Do not underestimate the adverse effects of abusive or traumatic emotional experiences on the body and especially on the intestine. Some of you may be your unprecedented / healed past and / or continuous emotional patterns or experiences that decrease your health every day. Keep in mind that 60% of our body's neurotransmitters are in the intestines, not in your brain! This topic is an excellent book: When the Body Does not Tell Mate Matthias Gábor.
  • Parasites and pathogenic microorganisms – if the ecology of the intestinal tract is already weakened or unbalanced, traveling to a foreign country or contaminated food / water may be swallowed by straw that breaks the camel's back. If your bacterial flora is already unbalanced by the lack of useful bacteria, it is very easy to infiltrate parasites, yeasts, molds, bad bacteria or mushrooms. These pathogens then break the health of the intestinal lining of the mucous membrane, causing stomach ulceration, inflammation, bleeding and, consequently, damage to systemic health.
  • All these pathogenic factors – including fewer factors, such as whether they are breast-feeding or not, maternal health, hereditary / genetic weaknesses, heavy metal levels, mercury amalgam fillings, pesticide exposure, etc. – contribute to the pathology of different degrees. Different people are prone to different factors, and something that strongly affects your friend unfavorably can only slightly adversely affect you. Rarely, there is only one factor (pathogen) that is associated with ulcerative colitis. Nevertheless, I believe that each of us can identify our own disease or the causes of our own disease, and then take the steps that will be particularly healing for each of us.

    Once you have identified the underlying roots of colon, you can look for powerful, natural cures to cure these pathogenic factors. If the infection is the cause of colitis, the doctor may have already released the bad bacteria that have caused colitis to the antibiotics. However, this is not followed by therapeutic quality probiotics, its colon is again significantly infected, as well as yeast (Candida albicans), which blooms after the antibiotic is used.

    So in this case, there is a need for a strong natural antibiotic such as wild oregano oil, followed by high doses, therapeutic quality probiotics and a low sugar diet to prevent relapse. Targeted supplements may also be required for the lining of the mucous membrane and the intestinal wall such as L-glutamine, aloe vera, N-acetyl glucosamine, deglycyrrhizined licorice, slip plum, roots of royal jelly. Caused damage to repair.

    in mind that natural healing is not fast. Since it cures the actual causes of colitis (which undoubtedly takes a long time to recover in the body), this healing and balancing takes time. You know, if you cut off your finger, for example, it does not heal immediately, but it takes time for healing. In addition, the body purifies and removes pathogens, drug residues and other toxins at the same time, and it takes time.

    But if you really want to "heal" your colon – not just suppressing symptoms or experiencing short-term hopes – then natural, holistic healing is the way to success. Yes. it takes time. That's why I call it a "healing path", but it's so worth it.

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