Chronic lymphocytic leukemia overcomes PH balance and nutrition therapy

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Since 2001, I've been trained regularly in Google Alerts and on the Internet since I was diagnosed with CLL (chronic lymphocytic leukemia) and searched regularly for breakthroughs in both traditional and alternative cures. Many people who have been diagnosed with CLL are said to have no treatment, as the disease is often progressing slowly and any improvement on treatment is not lasting. Even worse, however, the disease's progress and aggressiveness may change at any time. Patients are told to "look and wait". This is not a happy lifestyle.

There are no idols. The sad truth is that as long as this last January 2009 I did not find any references (not one) to any CLL treatable medical or alternative therapies. The only exception is bone marrow transplantation (BMT) healing. Unfortunately, many people do not survive the process. It's extremely risky. Even worse, the patient survives the BMT and still has CLL or later re-develops CLL.

Five Year Timeline. Despite research and experiments, there is no traditional healing (chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, etc.) that can heal from the BMT. Doctors hope for a total of five years of remission of patients with some of the available therapies. Not all patients receive complete remission in the first chemotherapy cycle. And the chance of success, measured by five-year survival, decreases with all new forms of traditional therapy. No encouraging picture. This is the case since 2001, when I was forty-six and diagnosed for the first time. Who should hear a five-year life plan when you're forty-six? Not me! While some promising traditional "breakthroughs", the survival rate remains largely the same today.

Alternative Search. Finding another treatment or treatment protocol was just as difficult. Patients suffering from leukemia were able to prove cancerous cancer (acute myelogenous leukemia or acute lymphocytic leukemia), but not as good luck to CLL. The best of these were stories that covered their CLLs with controversial laetrils (apricot seed extract). But nobody became CLL with cancer. He got out of it, but I never gave up the search or my experiment to discover a good health plan.

The 2009 breakthrough. In January of this year, my Google newsletter published an article written by Steve Freier, a CLL person, who has cured a complete anticancer health. He regained his health by removing root canals and coral calcium. For the sake of my life, I am currently replacing mercury amalgams with safer porcelain filling. For information about restoration, enter "Steve Freier" and "CLL" in Google.

Breakthrough # 2 In April 2009, my husband, interested in infrared saunas and its leukemia, came to the following website: . This story is Hessel Baartse, Australia, Adelaide. He completely defeated CLL by removing root canals and mercury amalgam and dramatically changed his diet and supplement, concentrating on a healthy balance of pH level. He serves for his complete healing for his dentist, .

Finally, they play a role in restoring CLL. What was a complete mystery now is a success story. At present there are at least two people who have beaten chances and the removal of mercury amalgam and root canal, nutrition therapy and pH balance prevented CLL. The further good news is that this program is likely to be a health plan for people with many other chronic health problems, including cancer.

The future. Because of the speed of internet and information sharing, more people will be able to find alternative ways to regain good health by finding alternative means.

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