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Some estimates suggest that up to 90% of all illnesses from inadvertent food intake and 80-85% of the disease can be cured simply by diet.

It's hard to believe – we take a lot of medication to get rid of disease – but that's a stubborn thing. Appropriate nutrition provides wonderful results, but often involves breaking the abandoned traditions. Since childhood we have been accustomed to certain foods, and sometimes it is difficult to change old habits, even if we are perfectly aware of "better methods".

What kind of food for man? Not meat?

Yes, this is the most popular product. The meat contains all the necessary elements. You can live alone. Some northern people are alive. The whole question is quality of life. There is very little life between these peoples. It's a thing – to survive and to have another – long and healthy life. It is recognized that food of animal origin exaggerates health, leading to premature wearing of internal organs and the accumulation of genetic defects. The body grows fast. There is a strong link between eating meat and gout, arthritis, rheumatism, and so on. Between.

The general idea is "no meat – no power" prejudice. In the Indian Weightlifting Team, athletes are half vegetarian. The famous heavyweight Russian wrestler, Ivan Poddubny, was a vegetarian.

And what about the legendary Shaolin martial artists? They can hardly be called weak. Their modern diet includes vegetables, grain, many grasses and roots. The Charter stipulates that Shaolin prisoners are completely abandoning foodstuffs of animal origin.

Among nations, eating little or little meat, cancer rates are very low. Vegetarians reach 90-97 percent less than cardiovascular disease.

So participation in a vegetarian diet is not that bad in the whole and can significantly improve your health.

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