Chair Yoga Case Study – Increased Energy Levels

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Studying the yoga chair for a few years Liz Franklin testifies that it is suitable for almost everyone, even if they feel the effects of aging or physical limitations. The twenties, twisting themselves into prudent positions – is the only prerequisite to sit in a chair, including a wheelchair.

What better way to illustrate the benefits of yoga classes for those who can take part in a traditional yoga class than to say their own words?

Hi! I'm Marga Harris. I'm 63 years old. In 30 years I retreated the music. I'm in Kansas City, MO. In September 2004 I started to study with Liz. My doctor, Jane Murray, gave me a brochure. This brochure gave me an excellent description of the program, so I decided to try it. I thought stretching and less strenuous exercise were good for me. Van Post Polio Syndrome, and many workouts just do not work for me. I use the paws to walk. Although I'm quite mobile, a slower-paced class is just right for me.

I'm going back because it's the other classroom teacher and class. Fun group. Also, I enjoy the benefits of greater flexibility and strength. My breath dramatically improved. I am more comfortable in my own body, especially in terms of stretching, reaching and balance. I feel the class helped open my body's energy channels.

If I had a suggestion for someone joining a yoga class, "Just do it!" You will never know what multiplier benefits will be until you do it. This is a warm and inviting environment. Everyone respects their abilities. You are not forced to exceed the level of personal comfort at any time.

This is an activity that gives energy, not energy from your body and mind. This is an excellent program for people with disabilities. All smart physical therapists would encourage.

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