Chair Yoga Case Study – Improving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Studying the yoga chair for a few years Liz Franklin testifies that it is suitable for almost everyone, even if they feel the effects of aging or physical limitations. The twenties, twisting themselves into prudent positions – is the only prerequisite to sit in a chair, including a wheelchair.

What better way to illustrate the benefits of yoga classes for those who can take part in a traditional yoga class than to say their own words?

Hi! I'm Anne Sanders. I'm 49 years old, I worked for 20 years on Hallmark cards. Over the past three years, seven operations have been carried out due to an accident and I found myself in a place where I became immobilized and immovable. My surgery also included knee replacement, which I thought I did not know about yoga, but I was wrong!

I started chairing yoga almost exactly 2 years ago. I thought you were gullible and athletic, even the yoga chair. Liz quickly helped me to understand that this is not the case. He is a great teacher and working very hard to make each class very personal. It gives a quiet voice to the class with careful selection of relaxing music. This peace is pervading practice and I find that I leave the calm state at home when I leave the classroom. I developed advanced friendships with others in the classroom. Liz also helped me plan my own "yoga break", which I can do at the desk to relieve stress. My carpal tunnel syndrome has also improved, and I think I've increased my motion.

There are so many reasons why I like yoga, but here I can share some of you. I like it for both my mind and my body. I like to go to class every week! Classes are set in a relaxed, relaxing, non-competitive atmosphere.

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