Century Ride Nutrition – How Nutrition Can Improve Your Century Ride

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Too many for the first time a century rider does not meet the rides due to bad nutrition on training and the day of the race.

Carbohydrates and Cycling

During our various laborious physical activity, our body usually gets the bodybuilding energy known as muscle glycogen. This glycogen is derived from carbohydrate, which is divided into simple sugars and stored in the liver.

When we are practicing intensely, there are only about as many glycogen as we go for about an hour and a half. Then the body begins to start fat burning, which does not burn stupidly. As soon as your body reaches this stage, you may experience some fatigue, tired hollow feeling, and desire to stop pedaling. This is a phenomenon when cycling.

How to avoid the log?

To help delay your cyclist's century, you should try to eat while cycling to help produce more glycogen in the liver before it runs out.

Helping foods with high carbohydrates (eg Bagel, jam and peanut butter sandwiches) helps to reduce the delay but accelerates glycogen faster than your body than carbohydrates and converts it into glycogen. After a while, you will find the glycogen deficit itself. If he is there, if he continues to ride, he will soon run out of glycogen and hit the imaginary wall.

The jersey that does not run out of glycogen is not just the right type of food on the bicycle, but also adapt to training that the body is more effective in fat burning. If you can do this, you will not hit the wall.

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