Case Study – eating disorders and nutritional needs

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Although eating disorders were as long as humans, extensive research has existed for only thirty years. It is known that in early and late teenagers the diagnosis of depression and the development of nutritional disorders is a clear and definite relationship. The three most commonly studied and / or diagnosed eating disorders are anorexia nervosa, bulimia and anorexia.

The debate continues whether obesity should be considered a dietary order; while being considered sick in itself, obesity also becomes a eating disorder and is treated both as a psychological disorder by a physical problem. At present, it is a medical disorder and a number of serious factors, but not a nutritional disorder.

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia is diagnosed when a person (predominantly female) refuses to allow her body weight to exceed 85%. Psychologically, a person with anorexia diagnosed, severe and body-obsessive obsession, and at every moment closely monitors everything in his mouth, even considering the toothpaste-consuming calories that they can use the same day. DSM-IV-TR with the mental hygiene diagnostic tool corresponds to the following criteria for diagnosing anorexia nervosa:

– Is unable or unwilling to keep body weight at 85% or more of the normal level

– Intense fear of to gain weight or, more importantly, to become fat when clearly and underweight underweight

– Weighing weight and body image to the detriment of self-esteem

– Lack of three menstrual cycles

It will exercise some anorexic hours, even if they are exhausted and their muscles are hurt. You may not sleep properly and many of you have heart problems due to their severe weight loss.

Warning signs:

– Occupation with food, meals or diet

– Forced or Excessive Exercise [19659002] – Negative Self-Esteem

– Withdrawal from friends and family members, especially if the social event contains food Bulimia

– Whole Loss of Menstrual

– Intolerance to Cold Temperature


Eat either a small amount or a large amount and then compensate for the calories you are consumed or with too much exercise, diluent or vomiting. Typical cycles are relaxing and cleansing where bulimic consumes a large amount of food, often more than one full day's calories in one seat and then how many. If vomiting becomes a problem, the tablets may also be used.

Diagnostic Criteria

– Consumption of a large amount of food or complete absence of control during the meal cycle

– Eating /

– Self-assessment that exerts excessively on body and body shape

bulimic behavior that does not occur only in the Anorexia episodes


Like anorexia, the presence of depression usually increases the likelihood of developing eating disorders. The most affected teenage caucasian females in nutrition disorders who are more likely to be abused with diet pills and laxatives.

Binge Eating

Binging is different from the other two eating disorder, as there is no effort to lose weight, is not a compelling constraint on exercise and is not necessary after eating. Slimming can be compulsive snacking, which is a generational day or a huge meal that includes a full daily calorie in a seat. If this happens continuously, the metabolism decelerates and eventually stops work, leading to weight gain. Because stress is one of the main factors of serious eating, weight gain alone is enough to trigger another complicated episode of stress, binging, stress, binging, and so on. He leads to his vicious circle.

– Strange Disturbing Thoughts

– Guilt for Something He Did

– The feeling of social exclusion or isolation

– Problems with Problems, Future or Responsibility

– Unemployment [19659002] Recovery options

After five to ten years, half of those receiving bulimia treatment were cured, 30% of them had fallen at least once, and 20% were considered diagnostically bulimic. Those with dual diagnosis, especially drug abuse and bulimia, are least likely to result in complete and meaningful recovery

Three eating disorders, three women

Elaine was diagnosed at age 20 with anorexia nervosa counseling about for one year. He regained some weight slowly, but fell back several times during that time. Elaine spent several months in the hospital to get IV fluid, and even her heart was frightened. After months of renewed consulting efforts, it is slowly moving. At this point, they only ate small meals, especially liquids and semi-soft foods. As part of a contract that Elaine has with his counselor, only fifteen minutes a day should be slow and moderate, and at least a minimum of two hours a meal should be counted.

Elaine agreed to add a liquid protein to one of her mini foods, a 25 gram high digestible protein and every vitamin C she needs daily. Satisfied with fruit-based flavors and slowly and gently advancing.

Evelyn was diagnosed with bulimia. His choice is to sniff, consuming up to 5,000 calories at a single session occasionally, then forcing himself to vomit. In cases where he is not able to vomit, he uses a double dose rash after an hour of jogging. Destroyed the enamel on the teeth from constant vomiting; he usually did not go to the bathroom because he was dependent on laxative. You find yourself representing the next rainbow, including what you will eat and when. He always wakes up the next day, refusing to do it again, but in the afternoon he thinks of the sadness that will be next.

Part of the counseling program is about starting a healthy meal. He will also treat the health conditions that he brought to himself, including the damage he made to the gut. Liquid protein helps to maintain metabolism by shots and will be hungry from day to day. Evelyn will also log out the punching foods that when he feels he can hurt himself, he can find alternative behaviors

Becca 43, newborn and brilliant eating. It has always been overweight, but in the last few years it has really lifted its weight – if you have a bad day or feel lonely, it makes the food more comfortable. The amount of food is increasing and the binges occur more and more often when the spirals are exposed to control. The doctor tells him that the limit is for high blood pressure and diabetes and that his cholesterol levels are completely independent. Starts a new healthy nutrition plan and starts walking around the area once a day. In order to remain hungry, 25 grams of liquid protein is used during close meal. Protein protects you against hunger and gets extra vitamins from the small shot.

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