Case Study – Diabetes and Nutrition

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Diabetes is a disease that affects the body's dandruff management after the body breaks down the foods. Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disorder, usually found in childhood. Both the II and II. Type of diabetes can be genetic, but nothing can be done to prevent type I diabetes.

Section II. Types of diabetes affect some levels more than 15 million Americans, sugar, "but this is not always the only problem.

While type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease, poor functioning in the body, type II diabetes is often the poor diet, lack of exercise and body's own genetic predisposition to inadequate overloading of sugar

Diabetes can be controlled with good appetite and physical activity but can not be controlled, can lead to very serious illnesses and conditions. Untreated diabetes in the United States non-traumatic amputations is one of the leading causes of adult blindness

There is no cure for type I diabetes but type II diabetes can be controlled by exercise and good diet. It is important to know how your body works and treat the food as well as the blood glucose level with close attention Many people may have to check their blood glucose levels several times a day, while others may need to do a few daily daily treatments. After losing weight, you will no longer need medication and ultimately be able to stop drawing blood. However, it is important to treat your initial symptoms and recover your blood glucose levels to prevent deterioration. If you ignore the warnings, you can use insulin injections for a lifetime.

Understand the symptoms of diabetes

Symptoms of both the I and II. Types of diabetes are the same as they should be investigated immediately who will notify them. These symptoms are: – increased appetite

– fatigue

– unexplained weight loss

– increased appetite [19659002] – blurred vision (19659002) – dry mouth

– vomiting or diarrhea that is not (19659002) – Repeated yeast or urinary tract infections

– Very slow healing cuts, scrapers and wounds on the skin

Digestion and absorption

All foods that enter the body are the lowest common form distributed. In the case of empty stomach, a portion of the food should be used immediately for the energy requirement needed to complete the digestion process. The remaining foods are then transferred from the muscle reserves, converted to glycogen. If there is no such place in reserve tanks, the body transforms food into fat for long-term storage in fat cells. (The human body has a certain number of fat cells, we gain or lose weight by how big they are, and not how many of them.)

When the body works hard, it relies on energy reserves, converting glycogen back to glucose and normally burn. If there is nothing in the reserve, the body will do two things: first, it will burn the spare fat to the fuel, and second, send the hunger to the brain to get a new food supply. The organization will continue to transmit this signal until there is no food. If the signal is not answered, but the body closes the metabolism to maintain its reserves. The organization likes a regular balance in eating a meal and energy outflow, anything that can overcome this balance can lead to a complete shutdown of the system

Some foods break very quickly in the body while others do not. Foods that are too fast to break down make the body overloaded with glucose, which releases hormone insulin from the pancreas. Insulin automatically sends everything into the fat cells, bypassing the energy production, leading to vicious circle and weight gain. The more insulin released, the less energy they consume. The less nutritious food that is transformed into energy, the more the body needs to eat.

Slow digestive foods do not cause sugar rush / insulin delivery and can be treated more effectively by the body. Easily digestible foods include simple carbohydrates (cakes, cakes, cakes, candies and soda) and fats. Complex carbohydrates and proteins are more difficult to digest in the body and require much more work. It is important, therefore, for food to consist mostly of these foods, which eliminate the maximum amount of white sugar, white flour and over-processed foods.

While fruits and vegetables are a healthy part of the diet, fruit juices are especially when they are consumed regularly. They do not require energy consumption and they can shoot blood glucose very quickly, juices should be minimized, and fresh fruit is the best suggestion. Whole fruit includes the nutrients needed for healthy eating and is lower in calories than the average juice.

Two Diabetes and New Attitudes: Case Studies

Michelle Type I diabetes diagnosed quarterly. Donna, your best friend, has recently diagnosed type I diabetes. Both women have progressed many times up and down, including Donna's pregnancy diabetes. Because of her status, Michelle decided she did not have any children. Michelle has an automatic port in her abdomen, so she does not need to give her a continuous injection.

Donna ignored the doctor's warnings – there were a number of risk factors including family history, her own pregnancy diabetes (most thought to be more pre-diabetic) and weight. The relationship with kidney disease has also shown that there is a risk of diabetes. At this time, Donna, a small child will only use her medicines to preserve her blood sugar, but warned that if she does not do more, she will go with an insulin

Donna and Michelle agree to work together – they learn to eat healthy foods and exercise more. In addition to adding more fruits and vegetables to their diets, they both use a liquid protein diet such as eating snacks. By using the diet, they remain hungry during the day and keep their blood sugar levels stable and stabilize, so there is no risk of blood sugar that can be a problem for both diabetics and others


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