Boron citrate nutrition

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Boric citrate, the fifth chemical element, is primarily trace elements found in fruits and vegetables. Plums, grapes and raisins, days, apples, pears, cereals and soybeans, almonds and other nuts and unprocessed honey racks

Boron citrate at 3 mg recommended dose up to 9 mg daily, with different benefits.

Boric citrate helps to prevent or alleviate osteoporosis postmenopausal women by activating vitamin D and estrogen.

Boron can increase cognition by preventing memory loss and may be valuable in treating Alzheimer's disease. It is known to relieve symptoms of arthritis.

Boric citrate is available in 3 mg capsules and in 3 mg and 6 milligram tablets. Although safe at doses recommended, boron may cause side effects such as anorexia and digestive problems in excess of 500 mg

Acute boron toxicity causes nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

Chronic Toxicity also Causes Nausea Diarrhea, Poor Appetite and Weight Loss

Boron deficiency contributes to the lack of vitamin D that may lead to brainwave changes, arthritis and joint swelling. Although boron deficiencies are relatively rare, ask your doctor, who can give you the right information and support if you think you have a lack of boron or overdose.

Boron citrate supplementation in the nutrition system, the doctor will work with you to find the right vitamin and diet. Do not make any changes until you consult with him. To prevent negative interactions, tell your doctor about all the diseases you or all the medicines (including the patient) you are taking.

The full equilibrium constituent contains boron citrate and seventy other necessary nutrients. New Zealand Xtend-life Natural Products has a Total Balance Analysis Certificate that Guarantees Its Efficacy

Xtend Life maintains pharmaceutical GMP compliance, the world's most stringent food supplement manufacturing standards, and only standardized herbs include herbal ingredients, formul√°ikat.

Xtend Life provides the best money back guarantee for nutrition supplements, which is a full year without full refund, no matter

Xtend-life timely delivery, reasonable expense and generous one-full year, no matter Money Back Guarantee

To avoid serious problems with prescription medicines, consult your doctor before taking this medicine or any new supplement or over-the-counter medication diet.

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